Yerba Maté Tea for stimulation, detoxification and weight loss

Tea from the leaves of holly Paraguayan known as maté, a popular drink not only in their homeland - South America. It acts as a stimulant, while also helps to detoxify the body and weight loss.

Paraguayan holly is a tree or shrub that grows to around 5-14 meters. Plant is quite demanding on the climate, so it's possible to grow only in a few areas of our planet - in South America, his original homeland - in southern Brazil, northern Argentina and Paraguay.
Own mate tea of holly prepared so that the plant every 3-4 years harvest of branches with leaves that are allowed to get cured over a fire, or in special dryers. Then the leaves and otrhají dosuší up. Sometimes sheets additionally roasted, achieving finer taste than the natural Liquid drug - green mate.

What we find in mate?
In this slightly bitter tea, hides a surprising number of substances with beneficial effects. Here we find for example vitamins A, B and C, of the trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and silicon. It also contains quite a lot of tannin, then bitter substances, essential oils and routines.

Its stimulating effects are due to the presence of caffeine, which containing the as 1-2%. Maté is a healthier alternative to coffee. Yet he would rather have avoided those of us who suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems. Otherwise, however, do not have to worry about his drinking, is a beverage with minimal adverse effects, quite the contrary.

Maté has many health benefits
Maté is one of the gifts of nature, whose effects verify many generations. If you are among those looking for a natural way to stimulate the body and mind, you are good at. This tea is generally known primarily as a stimulant. It is far from its only beneficial effect on our body.

Thanks obsahovaným substances is also used to boost immunity, its antioxidant effects in turn slow down the aging process. Stimulates kidney function and elimination of waste products, so it is an excellent tool for detoxification. He even attribute the beneficial effects for people suffering from diabetes - balances blood sugar levels.

Maté is one of the teas that are recommended regularly drink for people suffering from overweight. The supportive effect on weight loss is based on the fact that mate suppresses appetite, is a suitable accessory for reducing diets.

Ritual drinking maté
The tea is prepared by the classical way, dried drug, pour hot water before consumption is allowed to stand for a while. Serving and consumption of tea is not on our circumstances rather odd. If you mate with us in some good quality tea room, which respects the original tradition of drinking tea, you should land on a table specially prepared pumpkin - kalabasa - with a hot drink and a silver tube inserted - bombilla. This straw is submerged at the bottom end fitted with a sieve on which the sucking captured crushed leaves.

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The author Yerba Maté Tea for stimulation, detoxification and weight loss: Michaela Vorlová