Would you like homemade herb vinegar?

.. fragrant, tasty and so healthy? A few minutes of work, a bit of patience .. and as tasty as we made it ourselves!

Herbal vinegars in our meadows and groves do not have much long tradition. Salads of all kinds have previously made "to pickle everything" .. slightly pungent vinegar from a plastic bottle, a couple of teaspoons of sugar, a pinch of pepper and salt, and water. But in the last fifteen years, after our market started to break through foreign producers and offer our shelves are considerably expanded, he carved out his place and herb flavored and scented vinegars. Especially lovers of fresh vegetables hundred different they quickly discovered, irreplaceable ordinary vinegar, taste and smell, and countless possible variations in the preparation of their favorite juicy lettuce. J ejich popularity continues to rise and is still discovering new use in the kitchen, and in various sauces, mayonnaise, marinades and dressings. What's more, you make such an aromatic herb vinegar at home alone is no great toil and still at it we can enjoy themselves creatively.

What is vinegar used?
We commercially available white distilled vinegar, as discussed above, at least fits. Not exactly the healthiest and its taste and aroma considerably lagging behind its competitors. This vinegar is less than optimal for the preservation of vegetables for direct consumption, but nothing special.
Surely it is preferable to vinegar, both white and red, especially for its pleasant taste and aroma.
Apple cider vinegar is best, not only for its taste, but also for a very positive effect on our health. It is especially known for its ability to reduce cholesterol in the blood. An overall positive effect on the metabolism, helps in breaking down fats in the body and is rich in potassium.

Imagination has no limits
Domestic production of herbal vinegar has two distinct advantages. The first advantage is that it is very simple and time-consuming, so it is suitable for beginners in the world with magic herbs. Basic training can be ready in 10 minutes before we cook spaghetti for dinner. The second advantage is that the imagination has no limits. We can prepare and vinegar dressing or another, depending on their own tastes. The most popular include vinegar, basil, thyme, garlic, tarragon, dill, but we can combine the herbs and mix at will.
The amount of herbs and spices used in the production of purely depends on us what we want a stronger flavor, the greater the number of ingredients we use. Approximate number of herbs in 500 ml of vinegar is about one handful of chopped fresh herbs or 3-5 cloves of crushed garlic or pokrájeného, ​​teaspoon pepper balls in rings 1 onion, 2-3 chopped chillies .. In the event that we resultant flavor seemed too strong, we can our homemade herb vinegar always be diluted in the preparation of meals, either vinegar neochuceným or clean water.

The basic procedure
Fresh herbs thoroughly rinse with water, dry and well cut into smaller pieces to make them better aromatic substances released. Put them in a container, pour the vinegar bottle and off. Thus let Luhová for two weeks to one month, preferably in the dark and cold. During this time, shake the bottle several times. Finally vinegar Strain through a fine cloth, pour into glasses and well off. Homemade herb vinegar should be stored in a cool area, preferably in a dark place.

What herbs and spices can be used?
It is difficult to enumerate all the possible ingredients for making herbal vinegar, at least the best known, most popular and readily available: basil, thyme, lemon balm, dill, chives, oregano, tarragon, celery and parsley, lovage, onion, marjoram, rosemary, sage , juniper, cumin, allspice, garlic, onion, pepper, horseradish, hot peppers and chili peppers, bay leaves, lemon or orange peel, cloves, mustard seeds ..

Try it, the result is a feel!
Wishing you a pleasant fragrant magic

The author Would you like homemade herb vinegar?: Michaela Vorlová