Wormwood - it's not just absinthe and the Green Fairy

Artemisia absinthium - it is a beautiful latin name wormwood, associated with the goddess Artemis. Wormwood is cursed and chanting herb that deserves our attention and respect .. is wormwood poison or medicine?

Wormwood is a plant with a woody stem and silver covered in bloom, plstnatými leaves, growing to 1-1.5 m. It blooms with small yellow flowers and has a distinctive, unmistakable aroma. In nature we can find in our country, but it is somewhat tricky to severe frost, grows wild in Europe, mainly in the western and southern coasts.
Wormwood is a well known and respected herb for several thousand years, we find mention of it even in the Bible. In medicine and household found a wide range of applications. Used, for example, the expulsion of intestinal parasites, so in English earned him the name "wormwood" (worm - worm wood - wood), was also an important drug for example at the time of the plague and dysentery, due to its antiseptic effects. Another important role played also as a remedy for indigestion ..

Wormwood - natural cure for indigestion

For us, the most important benefit is very effective wormwood effect on digestion. Substances contained in this herb have almost immediate stimulating effect in the event of insufficient activity of stomach, gall bladder and liver, significantly stimulate the production of gastric juices and bile. Wormwood tea removes the feeling of fullness, bloating, heartburn, and help with food poisoning, feelings of nausea and the like, usually within a few minutes after ingestion. If you have trouble digesting fatty foods and heavy, wormwood is right for you friend, i can replace numerous synthetic drugs designed to stimulate digestion and support the activities of the gallbladder. Few herb in this area so effective and rapid action.

How to prepare absinthe tea
Wormwood tea has a strong bitter taste, which we certainly swallowed the first snaps. Not for nothing is called "bitter as wormwood." Can not get used to it, we even can become enjoyable. Nezmírníme by adding any sugar or honey, the only way to suppress it a bit, adding the herbs with mint or anise flavors like mint , fennel or anise, which also have a beneficial effect on digestion.
Recipe for wormwood tea: 1 teaspoon dry cut drugs in larger cup of hot water, let steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and drink warm for sips (for improving the taste you can add the above herbs)
- Tea drink in case of problems, it is not suitable for long-term without a break

Is the use of wormwood dangerous?
Some healers too discouraged application wormwood internally, due to a substance named thujone, which can at high doses and prolonged use of lead poisoning. But the truth is, that dreaded thujone in water brine almost not released, moderate drinking wormwood tea is therefore almost without risk of negative effects of thujone that occur at high doses, which are in danger if the water brine.
Only pregnant women should drink wormwood tea and use of drugs with the extract completely avoided, because this herb helps cause monthly bleeding in women and may cause abortion.

Absinthe and the Green Fairy
In most European countries the production of absinthe containing thujone disabled, we belong among the few states where it is still legal, but only to a certain limit of contained thujone. This substance is attributed to slightly psyche divider é (neurotoxic) effects, depending on the amount consumed and the frequency of use. Among the famous absinthe drinkers were mainly French artists of the 19th century, there was talk of the so-called Green Fairy (Aj) - Fée Verte (Fr) - Green Fairy (or men), which induces them intoxicating feeling and the inspiration for their creations. Over the years, however, showed that drinking too much absinthe leads to the absintinismu, similar to the effects of alcoholism, thujone enhanced disastrous effects on the body and mind, therefore, absinthe was banned in many countries.
To date, however it is not clear if the thujone really that dangerous, or whether the poisoning and negative effects on the psyche leads precisely and only he, or other contained substances and additives. The very fact that absinthe has a high alcohol content (typically 55-70%) suggests that his frequent drinking is not the best idea.
Absinthe remains a cult drink .. zatracovaným, and cherished.

Previously traditionally produced wine, wormwood, and many different ways, simplest simple herb broth in good wine. Was used in the same manner as tea, mainly for digestive problems. Wormwood can be applied but also as a seasoning for roasting and grilling meat, dose it but very carefully to us nezhořkl dish.

Wormwood is a herb whose action we must first learn thoroughly before attempting to use it for medical purposes .. Many of us, however, it really pays off .. Many of us can be an important tool and save us both irritating troubles, as well as excessive use of chemical preparations ..

.. As it so often execrated wormwood, so be respected and praised ..


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The author Wormwood - it's not just absinthe and the Green Fairy: Michaela Vorlová