What can Plantain

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Healing effects of plantain were known to ancient physicians, but also among ordinary people was very respected already in ancient times, even when all treatment was provided by a midwife and herbalist bucks. The indisputable advantage of using plantain is its very good tolerability. There are no reported side effects or intolerance to other drugs and preparations, because it can take a long time, regularly and without fear. Some sources say only that at the time of pregnancy is not advisable to use plantain in high doses or for a long time. Shot therapeutic effects of green plants is so great that deserves closer examination.

Some of the effects we have discussed in the previous article, which describes the instructions for making and using jitrocelového syrup.

We normally there are two types of plantain: plantain plantain with long narrow leaves, and his brother, greater plantain, whose leaves are shorter, round to round. Both are suitable for all further processing, it can not be said that one of them was generally more or less effective, but the power of some effects are slightly different according to the concentration of the ingredients.

Collection, drying and storage
Plantain leaves collect in June to August, preferably before the period of flowering, when they have the strongest concentration of active ingredients. The method of harvesting and drying should be given high priority, because this herb is quite sensitive to the loss of their active substances during handling it, our efforts, however much we pay. During collection and transport are not wrinkled leaves and mash, otherwise they tend to a rapid blackening and loss of active substance during the subsequent drying. As one of the few herbs, plantain can also be dried in the sun. When drying, however, we follow three basic rules: a thin layer to dry as quickly and, unlike most other herbs, drying it neobracíme and minimize handling, and this could lead to blackening and degradation. When storage always store it in large containers, to avoid the need to press him and upset. The more we keep all its leaves, the stronger the effect will remain dried drug. Long-term preservation of its active ingredients we can store in a dry place.

Tea and infusion of plantain
Taking jitrocelového tea is best suited at the time of colds, when angina, influenza, pneumonia, inflammation of the airways, is beneficial for asthmatics, but also for smokers, because clean lungs and bronchi. It is also effective for digestive problems. It is also a great accessory for cleaning cures, because it helps to divert harmful substances from the body and purifies the blood, as well as many organs, such as kidneys and our entire urinary tract. It will help us with these kind, such as inflammation of the bladder and kidneys.
An infusion of plantain is effective as a gargle for inflammation of the mouth and gums or a sore throat when tonsillitis. Cures and many skin problems, skin lesions and various skin diseases. Into the brine soak a clean cloth or gauze and put it on the affected area, which can be burns, scratches and cuts, insect bites or otherwise poorly healing and inflamed areas. Such tiles then let a few hours work, has healing and anti-inflammatory effects. As well as lining of fresh plantain ..

Use fresh leaves
Already in ancient wars soldiers knew their amazing effects to stop bleeding, disinfect and accelerate healing all kinds of wounds and injuries. Often it was the only effective remedy, which they had on the battlefield at hand. With these its healing and anti-inflammatory effects have also earned the name of an old folk ranocel. Use fresh leaves is easy, simply just wash, water down into a mushy mass to better effect and attach directly to the wound or affected area. It is admirable, it is just as effective in healing external wounds, making timely use significantly reduces the risk of inflammation and accelerates the regeneration of the affected tissue. It's good to pužívat throughout the healing process, not only as first aid. Very positive effects on the skin also seen people suffering from eczema and various skin rashes, tiles from fresh leaves limit the expansion of disability and accelerate the healing of affected skin.

Recipe for Tea / Infusion: 1 heaping teaspoon dried drugs pour 250 ml boiling water and set aside 10-15 minutes Luhová. It is recommended to take 1 - 3 times a day, depending on the desired effect and acuteness of health problems.

So whether you are .. this little green hero

The author What can Plantain: Michaela Vorlová