Watermelon helps you lose weight and grow young again

Watermelon is a refreshing dish for summer days .. banish thirst, delighting taste papillae and also give our body substances that are more beneficial than our fitness, health, and beauty ..

Watermelon helps you lose weight and grow young again

Is watermelon a fruit or vegetable?
This question would probably get an answer, sounding something like: 'Fruit is sweet yet ..' .. Wrong. Watermelon is a vegetable. It belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae, as well as cucumber or zucchini .

Watermelons originated in Africa, melons from warm regions of Asia, but now widely grown in sunny areas of Europe. We can grow in our country, they thrive better in a cold frame or greenhouse, in the warm summer like this year, we would certainly succeeded on outdoor bed.

Buying or 'Do not see the melons'
Purchase of water and ch melons is sometimes like a gamble, as it is known in melons is not visible. There are various tricks to test the ripeness of the fruit. Someone knocks on him, if you hear a hollow sound, the other with him shaking, another potěžkává and throws him from hand to hand, or he pushes his hands pressed to his ear with a green jacket and listens, if you hear a creak .. and someone just prefer buying watermelon slit - the only drawback is that it can be stored longer, we have to eat till the next day, started to ferment.
The melons, the situation is somewhat simpler. There we can easily estimate the maturity, this species has a different melons, permeable skin and typical sweet smell tells us that we are in the right hands. In both species, but never buy the fruit withered and suspiciously light, you are probably already in decline ingestion.

Watermelon will give us plenty of vitamins and healthy substances
Watermelon has a relatively high content of vitamin C, which is vital for our immune system and overall health. Equally beneficial is the richness melons on B vitamins, especially vitamin B6 - pyridoxine, needed for protein synthesis in the body, Vitamin B3 - Niacin is important for oxygenating the body and folic acid, which is essential for healthy blood, healthy nails, skin and hair , fertility and proper development of the fetus at all stages.

Melons are also a great source of carotenes, antioxidants that are responsible for degradation of toxic substances and help the overall immune system. The carotenes synthesized vitamin A itself is also a powerful antioxidant, protects the mucous membranes of the body, while maintaining the health of our eyes and mental freshness and prevents certain types of cancer.
Furthermore, we find in melons such as iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and iodine, for example, the elements necessary for healthy blood, brain, nerves, strong bones and teeth, fertility and sexual libido.
Natural sugars and all these vitamins and trace elements contained in this vegetable are the immediate source of energy and stimulant at both physical and mental, refreshing effect therefore due not only to the high water content.

Melon as part of a healthy diet and detoxification cures
Sometimes there is a false idea that if we try to lose weight, watermelon is due to the sugars contained very good food. However, to consist of 90% water, sugars comprise only about 3-12% depending on the variety. At least the sugar water melon, melon, then more sugar, which itself already suggests its name. Energy value melons falls somewhere between 19 to 35 kcal per 100 g weight, which is very good information for those of us who look at your weight. Portions melon fills us even for a few hours while we ensure supply of large lots of bioactive substances is therefore appropriate part of diets and healthy style of eating.

Equally beneficial is its cleansing effect. This ensures the above-mentioned antioxidants, but also a high water content. Watermelon has, as is well known, a stimulating effect on this secretion. When eating excessively large quantities of this vegetable is threatening to his own taste of laxative effect, but if you eat divided into portions during the day, in combination with another rigid diet, this danger we will not.

Healthy sweet delicacy
Chilled watermelon on a hot summer day is better than lecjaká "chemical lemonade with ice", refreshing effect is guaranteed and you'll add to substances that are eliminated from the body in sweat.

Watermelon is the perfect combination of fruit in fruit salads, mashed or chopped suited to non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails, some gourmets even use it in salads and with the addition of eg cheese and nuts.
From sweeter and less watery varieties like honey melon and pineapple, we can prepare desserts with fresh cottage cheese and yogurt. Personally, I recommend a favorite appetizer from Italy and France, honey melon with Parma ham.


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The author Watermelon helps you lose weight and grow young again: Michaela Vorlová