Watercress - a delicious way to boost immunity

Cress is popular for three reasons - it has an excellent taste, is very healthy, and its cultivation can handle even a beginner. Decorate your your windowsill this rich green and delicate plants, you will not regret it!

Garden cress (garden) is an annual plant that grows up to 40 cm and has small white flowers. Most of us see it bloom but because the consumption is harvested mostly in the first 2-3 weeks after germination. About her growing will discuss the end of the article, but now let's see how we can benefit from its many beneficial effects on our body ..

Cress is a wonderful source of important nutrients, not only in winter
Watercress is an excellent source of vitamin C, which goes very well with us just in the winter, in time with limited fresh source of this vitamin. It also contains many of thiamine (vitamin B1), and beta carotene. All of these substances are extremely important for a strong immune system, are powerful antioxidants that our body rid of toxins and prevent degenerative processes in cells and tissues.
In this delicious and delicate bylince we find a number of minerals, such as potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium, other essential substances for our health and overall fitness.

Cress boosts immunity, treats infections and contributes to our digestion
Watercress is prized as a herb / vegetable, beneficial to our kidneys and urinary routes. Relieves the toxic substances and eliminates microorganisms causing inflammation. It is therefore advisable to regularly consume, if you suffer from frequent infections of the bladder or kidney, as a prevention and treatment for the more advanced infection.
Their therapeutic effects can also be used for colds and respiratory diseases. It helps treat cough and stimulates our immune system to fight disease agents.
Another advantage is its favorable effect on our digestion. Cress supports the production of digestive juices, stimulates liver and gallbladder activity, so it is well to add bolder and heavy meals. We will facilitate their digestion and prevents any feelings of heaviness after eating.

Cress - just right for cleaning bark
Cress can be used as part of a detox program. Due to the relatively richly represented potassium has a diuretic, cleanses so our kidneys and belongs to a group of herbs and vegetables which is said to purify the blood. This beneficial effect is also strengthened mentioned antioxidants, watercress is so the right plant for cleansing and strengthening the immune system.

Growing watercress handle even a beginner
Growing watercress at home almost anyone can. Even the fact we do not need no soil, just enough to us ordinary cotton that stretches on a plate or tray, enough to moisten and place on a windowsill with plenty of light. The wool then evenly sprinkle seeds - we also relatively densely - and every day Kropia water so that the wool moistened profusely. Reap we had a week, watercress grows really fast.
Young green plants simply odstřiháváme over roots, rinse with water and can directly consume. If you wait a few days for the plants reach about 10 cm and only their tops cut off, grow us. Thus we can from one batch of seeds harvested two to three times.
Watercress can grow even at home eg lighter substrate, in the sand, finer shavings, or on a layer of paper tissue alike. In no case, but forget it sufficiently and regularly watered. Outdoors, it can be repeatedly sown from March / April to autumn.

Watercress is delicious and healthy diversify our menu
Young and petite watercress plants have similar taste like radishes, so they are an excellent example simply lining of the bread with butter or cheese. Drobněji chopped watercress can be added to a variety of cottage cheese, egg and cheese spreads, it is very tasty in vegetable salads or boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes. Its fresh leaves deliver such delicate flavor and savory scrambled eggs or omelette. Egg dishes not only lends a spicy and tangy taste, but as noted above, also helps with their digestion because it stimulates the gallbladder.
Cress can even cook, for example, fits into vegetable soups, the disadvantage however is that when cooking loses most vitamin C and has a unique flavor. If we add it to the soup too, the whole dish gets a bitter taste, so with her ​​in this case we save. Definitely recommend her to prefer eating fresh.
Cress seeds with us can be purchased throughout the year. We get them in gardening, hobymarketech, some supermarkets and specialty health food stores. Furthermore, they are cheap and have a very good germination, which also guarantees us success cultivation.

Try as you transform your windowsill in a small decorative garden, from whose treasures can benefit you in just one week!


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The author Watercress - a delicious way to boost immunity: Michaela Vorlová