Walnut tree - a tree full of healing powers ...

Walnut tree is undoubtedly a beautiful plant in our region flourish adorning many a garden. Has much to be proud of. It grows up to 30 meters and live for the venerable age. Of note, however, there is not only their appearance .. is the tree that heals ..

Medicinal effects of substances contained in the royal walnut knew our ancestors. Its seeds - Nuts - are a healthy food, leaves and bark medicine with tradition in folk medicine but also in contemporary pharmacology. Nut husks are used for natural dyeing, formerly even to hair dye, which come brown color, sometimes with a slight hint of mahogany.

Healing effects of nuts
The so-called nuts, fruits (seeds) royal walnut, certainly needs no introduction. They are not only treats and culinary ingredients include lots of medicinal and beneficial substances with beneficial effect on our health. Ripe nuts contain up to 50-70% fat, especially very beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, and they also have a high content of essential proteins. From ripe nuts can be pressed to obtain high-quality vegetable oil, which find application not only in the kitchen but also in cosmetics, for example, is known for its ability to accelerate the tan skin. Have our grandmothers said that "nuts are good for the nerves." Ripe fruits are a prominent source of B vitamins, which are important eg for proper function of the brain, the nervous system, but also for the skin and our internal organs. Unsaturated fatty acids have another very important effect in our body - helping to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, so they are a good prevention of vascular disease and stroke. Ripe nuts are usually dried for additional storage, another very popular as conservation treatment in honey, which has a tradition mainly in southern Europe.
Even stronger medicinal properties are attributed to immature fruits, however, royal walnut. They should be harvested in the summer, preferably in June, the inner shell more brittle. They can be dry, but more often it is used to make liqueurs, wines and walnut alcohol tinctures. These extracts from immature nuts can for their antibacterial effects enhanced by alcohol use for cleaning and healing our digestive tract. Operates in the stomach, but also in the intestines, which cleanses and protects against unwanted microorganisms. Still immature walnut fruits contain very similar active substances such as leaves of the tree ..

Royal walnut leaves
Walnut leaves collect best in June and July and dried for later use. Their application is versatile, both internally and to external treatment of ailments. Our ancestors used a decoction of the leaves to treat poorly healing skin lesions and their disinfection. Antibacterial effects prevent inflammation of the affected areas of the skin and accelerate the healing process. Another well-known use of decoction of the leaves is a bath for foot perspiration and Antifungal and lotion for the treatment of acne. The decoction is also suitable for regular rinsing the scalp to prevent hair loss, relieves symptoms of psoriasis and help heal some types of eczema. For application to the skin, we can easily produce salve from the leaves, preferably from young buds of the royal walnut (see recipe below).
Internally, walnut leaves normally applied in the form of tea (particularly infusion) broth or in alcohol. The effects are similar to those of immature fruits, tea is also recommended as a supportive agent in the treatment of colds and against the Cathars diarrhea and digestive tract. As a gargle concoction is also effective for inflammation of the throat and to maintain healthy gums.

For inspiration, view the following two recipes: the ointment from the buds of the royal walnut, which is particularly suitable for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema .. and walnut liqueur, whose effects we just described. Both recipes are taken from the book "Medicinal trees and shrubs by herbalist Paul", which draws on the experience verified by generations of folk healers and myself for many years successfully treated.

Mast of the royal walnut buds:
Ingredients: 500g pork fat, a handful of buds walnut king (you can add a handful of marigold flowers for amplification effect)
- Heat the lard over medium heat, add the walnut tree buds and slowly cook for 30 minutes, pour through a strainer and store the best in sealable container in the fridge

Walnut liqueur:
Ingredients: 150g green nuts, a piece of whole cinnamon, 700 ml strong alcohol (eg brandy)
- Green nuts cut into smaller pieces, put into a glass, add the cinnamon and pour the alcohol, let stand for four weeks in the sun through the window, then strain, přisladíme to taste (I recommend honey or syrup from raw sugar) or Dilute with a little water to reduce the Alcohol

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The author Walnut tree - a tree full of healing powers ...: Michaela Vorlová