Strawberries are not just sweet aphrodisiac

Delicious, fragrant, sweet, juicy .. and also healthy! Are you among those who are eagerly looking out every summer, when it finally begin to blush? Now is the time .. Eat them, feed them your friend, and not just for enjoyment ..

We are now at the peak of strawberry season, many of us even eagerly awaited. Strawberries with us one of the most favorite fruit ever, their aroma is captivating, refreshing taste and ways of treatment for eating are countless. There is probably no need to emphasize that the best are fresh ..

Strawberries provide us with essential vitamins and minerals
Strawberries are the source of many important vitamins. The largest concentration of them found in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant and stimulant of our immunity. The content of vitamin C in strawberries is comparable with citrus fruits. It also contains folic acid, beta-carotene, the foundation stone for the synthesis of vitamin A, another antioxidant that protects our vision, delivers healthy color of our skin and promotes regeneration of the mucous membranes. To a lesser extent, are also found in strawberries as some B vitamins and vitamin E.
The trace elements are worth mentioning manganese, an element that is needed for healthy blood, healthy tissue, nourishing the brain and nerves, but also for the beauty and health of our skin and hair, and stimulate and sustain sexual appetite. Strawberries also contain eg fluorine, phosphorus, and calcium. Another beneficial mineral in this fruit is potassium. This element supports the drainage of the body, counteracting excessive fluid retention (edema) and stimulates detoxification. Potassium also regulates blood pressure, increased its intake is recommended to lower blood pressure.

Strawberries for detoxication
Above we have already mentioned that strawberries contain potassium which helps with runoff established toxins from the body. Another help with internal cleansing are contained in strawberries tannins that to themselves when passing through our digestive tract bind toxic substances, especially heavy metals, and removed them out. These tannins also support the elimination of infections, while also acting against some viruses and bacteria.
Strawberries is attributed to a beneficial effect as well as the treatment of gout, bladder and kidney stones.

Strawberries as a tonic food in time of illness
Strawberries are a good food even when colds and respiratory disease: complement required fluids (containing up to 90% water), give us vitamins and minerals to enhance immunity, help us fight the infection agent, or. with inflammation (sinuses, bronchitis, etc.) and overall detoxification facilitate our body fight disease.
In some cases, we can help with strawberries diarrhea and flatulence because they inhibit some difficult bacteria in the intestines.

The content of beneficial substances would generally win the wild strawberries, also called wild strawberries - strawberry fruits tuna. These, however, in our stores just will not buy, only those lucky ones, what is grown, or know of a place where they grow in the wild, can benefit from their health benefits. Even their flavor is much more pronounced, especially if they grow in a sunny spot.

When the consumption of strawberries rather avoid?
Unfortunately there are among us some who have strawberry nepochutnají due to unpleasant allergic reaction - someone eating strawberries can cause small blisters on the tongue and oral mucosa.
Strawberries are also not recommended for nursing mothers, because they contain potential allergens that could pass into breast milk. For small children 's needs the first dose strawberries carefully check if she did not appear allergic reaction to start children on the test report to the Council a few strawberries and watch how they react to them.

1000 and one strawberry goodies

All lovers of strawberries certainly know a long list of recipes, as this excellent fruit processed into fresh ý ch and refreshing treats. Recipes for treatment of strawberries are usually very easy .. However, when their already delicious taste need not be excessive "alotrií" ..
They taste great with cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, whipped cream or ice cream .. the pancakes and pancakes, in fruit salads and cups, in cocktails or in fruit pulp. Have great popularity both at home and strawberry dumplings and cakes and desserts of all kinds, personally I'm a big fan of simple strawberry cake with biscotti and sour cream. Of course, strawberry compote can be prepared and excellently s preserves and jams. We should not forget the aphrodisiac combination of fresh strawberries with ice-cold champagne ..

If you have a proven and popular recipe for strawberry delights, not sure I'll like to inspire ..

The author Strawberries are not just sweet aphrodisiac: Michaela Vorlová