Stone Crusher - Chanca Piedra

It's a subtle herb of the family pryšcovitých, occurring in tropical regions around the world. Wildly grows in India, Southeast Asia, tropical Africa and America. Originally probably comes from the rainforests of the Amazon. The best therapeutic effects, however, have the plants that grow at high altitudes above 3000 meters One such area is Peru, where they just came from Chanca Piedra Energy.

Phyllanthus niruri has diuretic, spasmolytic and generally anti-inflammatory effects. Lowers blood pressure , blood sugar levels and enhances functions of liver . Significantly then acts preferentially on the urogenital tract . Chanca Piedra is primarily known for its ability to remove uric kidney stones , due to its antispasmodic and diuretic effects. It relaxes the smooth muscles and promotes the excretion of urinary stones and for a shorter or longer period of time leaves the body naturally. Chanca Piedra but acts not only as a sophisticated herbal surgeon is effectively dissolves stones of all kinds and preemptively prevent their formation due to its ability to degrade uric acid. This capability has also resulted in a positive effect on the number of joint disease ( gout , rheumatism ) and joint pain that the deposition of uric acid crystals are directly connected.

But back to the urogenital tract. The Chanca Piedra will benefit not only all those who suffer from the creation of stones of all kinds, but much larger group of those who have experience with frequent bladder infections, prostate inflammation men and women are prone to vaginal infections . This herb has been used by generations of American Indians as an effective cure for all urological problems of character and also also gallstones .

Western science laboratory later confirmed the extraordinary ability of Phyllanthus niruri to promote good activity and liver regeneration even in very severe cases of infectious hepatitis type B. Support of the liver associated with Chanca Piedra positive effect on digestion, especially the digestion of fats.

Anti-inflammatory effects of tea can, however, use the broadest manner, from inflammation of the liver and kidneys, through the stomach and intestines to "ordinary" colds .

Tea preparation of Chanca Piedra is very simple and fast. Given that it is a green plant leaves, herb not need much time to cook. Just 5 minutes and immediately decant. To 1 liter of water is put 1-2 tablespoons. The infusion has a honey-yellow color and quite pleasant bitter acidic taste. Drink in three daily doses.

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