Spruce - cough medicine and articular pains

If you frequently suffer from cough, fever and colds, is the high time to go into the forest to spruce shoots. If you are troubled by joint pain and rheumatism, know that you too are spruce can become a true friend in need. It is not only spruce tree, but also a medicinal.

Norway spruce is a tree in our region with traditional symbolism, is not only a symbol of Christmas, but was previously the "protector" from evil spirits, witches and a means of cleansing from negative energy. We all also know pine maypole, made ​​from its high carved trunk, decorated with ribbons. Of course not forgetting the economic importance of pine wood, which is our single most important raw wood and furniture industry.
The medicinal properties of the tree were for our ancestors at least as important as its ritual use. Spruce resin was of much drug use, was easily accessible to everyone and was used to treat both internal and external problems.

Pine resin - not only to cure rheumatism and joint pain
The active ingredient is primarily pine resin turpentine. Resins are used in many variations for the treatment of both external and internal difficulties. Prepared from it such as ointments and baths to improve blood circulation in the joints and limb, such therapy is especially recommended for people suffering from rheumatism, joint pain and back (for the gander, sciatica). Even today we can find products with extract of essential oil in joint ointments etc.

Spruce cures coughs, colds and bronchitis
Pine resin, young shoots of spruce, pine needles and cones but also treat internal disease, most commonly used for colds, coughs, bronchitis and rhinitis. The needles and young shoots of tea is brewed, which is suited to be used mainly for the treatment of respiratory diseases, it improves cough, dilutes and releases established secretions in the airways, and even nasal cavities.
For the same purpose, we can also produce home honey bun - that is prepared from the young shoots of branches, right now, in the spring. (Recipe for honey we show at the end of the article). Pine honey is suitable for children, as well as using it as bee, itself a spoon or tea.

Spruce for inhalation and aromatherapy

Previous generations used in respiratory diseases spruce resin, branches and shoots for inhalations. Today it is probably easier for this purpose purchase essential oils, which can be applied either to the aromatic lamps, or the classical pathway - for inhalation of hot water with a couple of additions. When selecting olejíčku for therapeutic purposes, it is important to choose quality and natural product with the knowledge that this is not "air freshener" but the substance with which we intend to treat our mucous membranes. Equally important is to follow the prescribed duration of exposure, a significant overdose because we could cause health problems such as headaches, vomiting, etc., volatile substances act on our central nervous system. But if you choose a quality product and keep our process and dosage, we can effectively help in the treatment of coughs, colds, bronchitis, flu, etc.

Spruce and plum?
Broth spruce shoots in alcohol obtained another effective remedy - Tincture. The traditional way is to use folk spruce shoots in a stronger brandy. This tincture is then used mainly for the treatment of painful rheumatic joints, which promotes blood circulation, warms and relieves pain. For indoor use you'll get better prepared tincture professional way and again follow the prescribed dosage.

In conclusion, we show the promised recipe for honey spruce shoots. If you are interested in and you'll want to prepare it, know that it is high time to go for a young, light green spruce shoots. Those outside these oils also contain a lot of vitamin C, honey bun is the ideal natural remedy for diseases not only cold, but also to boost immunity and overall recovery.

Recipe for honey spruce shoots:

Large glass (eg 2 liters jar) fill the young, freshly torn pine shoots and add water to the brim. Jar placed in a sunny location (eg window), and thus leave shoots Luhová for 4 days. Then pour off the water into the pot, we add the strawberry leaves and simmer for 20 minutes, strain and mix with sugar in a 1:1 ratio, again bring to a boil and gradually evaporate water until the desired thick. Med still hot in closable fill the jars, where we stand up to many months.


References: Medicinal trees and shrubs by herbalist Paul

The author Spruce - cough medicine and articular pains: Michaela Vorlová