Shepherd's Purse - a natural remedy for bleeding

Shepherd is a fragile plant operating with a very poetic name .. but surprisingly strong effect on the human organism.

Shepherd's Purse is easy to recognize with their typical, small triangular ovaries, resembling the shape of little hearts. It's very simple and durable plant, it can be found even on poor soils in cold mountain areas, commonly found in the fields, the roads, on the edges of meadows and navážkách.

For therapeutic purposes collect all of its leaves, from spring to autumn. We dry it in the shade and dried leaves can then podrtit for storage and stored in closed containers, preferably away from the light.

Medicinal effects - look at history
The most significant effect on the human organism Shepherd's ability to stop bleeding. This property is its appreciated our ancestors, for this purpose very widely used herb, because its efficiency is relatively high. In the past, among other things, an important remedy against the spewing blood. Previously dried and crushed to dust Shepherd for therapeutic purposes often adding to the red wine, or simmered in it and drink was administered at doses patient. Today, we use it more as a tea (infusion or decoction).

Shepherd stops bleeding and reduces
It can stop various types of bleeding, such as healers recommend it to bleed from the nose. Great importance is, however, especially in gynecology, since it effectively reduces too heavy menstrual bleeding and pain. For this purpose it is used for many generations. Pregnant women should not but it can not take because it increases smooth muscle contractions and may cause premature birth. Stopping for internal bleeding is now more or less used, or only under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Regulation of blood pressure and cleansing effect Shepherd
Another effect is the ability Shepherd mutually regulate blood pressure, improve blood circulation and stimulate the heart. With this intention, but should be administered only after consultation with the doctor to avoid contraindications with medications.
Tea from Shepherd is also a healer recommended for inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract disinfectant. Dried drug in moderate doses can also add to the mixture for blood purification and detoxification.

For internal use Shepherd is very important to pay attention to moderate doses of this herb. In overdose can cause poisoning. The daily dose should not exceed 1 cup of tea - see recipe below (in extreme cases of heavy bleeding up to 2 cups of tea, never more!)

Shepherd external use
Previously, the powder of crushed dried Shepherd used as backfill for fresh bleeding skin injuries. Decoction as a compress or crushed fresh plants are not only attach to the wounds, but also bruises and inflammation of the tendons to accelerate healing. Bleeding from the nose, it was suggested to soak a cloth in fresh juice from Shepherd and inserted into the nostril .. us today such practices may seem rather ridiculous or outdated, but maybe in an emergency and needs first aid without the necessary equipment we would any of these recipes might come in handy.
Decoction of Shepherd capsules can be used as a mouthwash for bleeding gums and as a gargle for sore throat. Sitz baths with added decoction can reduce external hemorrhoids and stop bleeding in the field.

Recipe for Shepherd's tea capsules:
1 teaspoon dried drugs in 250 ml of boiling water, pour and let stand for 5 -10 minutes or briefly boil and strain
- Tea we use internally by the spoonful or sip, divided into smaller doses during the day


the sources: Dr. PO Mathioli - Herbarium or herbalist

The author Shepherd's Purse - a natural remedy for bleeding: Michaela Vorlová