Babysitter sex confessions

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Mar babysitter sex confessions, by anonymous views 9 comments. My babysitter knew me from when I was a baby. She lived next door and was 7 years old when I was born and 10 when my little sister was born. She always loved playing with me and my sis and taking care of us.

At that time I didn't know anything about sex or masturbation, never though of it, didn't know what it was, I was just a. I'd lie on my belly and tug my hands between my legs, holding my litle penis in one hand and caressing it and humping my matress, while imagining cool adventures. When Kim once put me to bed she was so exhausted and flabbergasted by my energy and ideas and stories etc. I told her what I did in bed to chill and get sleepy and dream off. When she looked at me, I thought she didn't understand, so I showed her how I'd lay down on my belly and put my hands between my legs holding my penis, squeezing it and moving my fingers around the tip and fantasising away.

I told her i'd fantasise about having an amusement park or very cool cars, or all my cool stuffed animals come to live and have an adventure with me. Because I had no idea this was masturbation or something that had to do with sex, I didn't think anything of it when she said she couldn't believe and understand what I did. I still remember starting to hump and looking at her, at the side of my bed, telling her stories of the two of us in my amusement park. And then it got warm. Offcourse now I babysitter sex confessions a curious kid so I said, like a kid can do: "I told you, so now you must tell me" And so she told.

Babysitter sex confessions

Still as naive as ever I immediatly asked her if she would show me and do it. If it feels good. After some hesitation, I would soon come to understand, she gave in and I made some more room so she could lie down, she put one hand down her panties and started playing while looking at me.

But wait. I also fantasised out loud. At school she had a very babysitter sex confessions gymnastics teacher and she thought about waiting until she was the last one to hit the showers and wait till he would come in and see her naked. And suddenly I realised. And then I realised she was thinking about a guy in the shower and that she has seen me naked and shower a lot of times.

Different indeed. She started playing with herself again, but her other hand reached out and she started playing with my little penis. Still not fully realising what was happening, but enjoying every bit of it. And I also remember the shock seeing and hearing a girl come. Here I was. As she played with me for a while, i fell asleep and she left.

Babysitter sex confessions

But all of the next babysitting sessions ended in hours of naked playing and first orgasmsfirst blowjob. Leading up to finally really having my first time sex when I was 11 and she was Looking back on it, it was a crazy but very very good time. Thank you for sharing. I wished I had a babysitter like that.

Wait for it!!! Wait for it!!!! Just cause it never happened in his little bubble world!!! Sounds like a lot of boys fantasies. I had a male babysitter as a boy who stayed for a week and the last night, he showered in front of me after my bath.

He never touched me besides with a wash cloth, but I later realized he was aroused by me. He asked if I wanted tobut was timid and felt uncomfortable. This story kinda reminds me of the first time I showed my best friend how to masturbate. We were about 11 and I had just discovered this new pleasure. One night when he was staying over and lights went out. I say up and said I babysitter sex confessions to show him something. I pulled off my underwear and started to rub my soldier. I moaned a little and had a mini orgasm right in front of him. He was intrigued and soon whipped his peepee out.

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Babysitter sex confessions

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Babysitter sex confessions

No part of this website can be reproduced in any form without prior written consent. Add post as: Anonymous. RawConfessions user required. I Think my babysitter knew better, I just enjoyed.

Babysitter sex confessions

Related Confessions. Part of the reason why I wrote and presented a eulogy at my cousin's funeral is because I really enjoyed the attention I knew it would get me. I hate seeing other people enjoying life more than I do. It gets to the point where I want to ruin it for them. It just generally fills me with anger when I see it. Maybe I just made wrong choices. I've gotten more fit, and I'm enjoying the attention but I'm also upset people now treat me better. And thinking they are just lazy and deserve what they get is blatantly ignorant. The man I once thought knew me better than anyone else would not recognise who I am today.

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Babysitter sex confessions

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