Roses - gentle care for sensitive and dry skin

Grandeur and elegance of roses won the hearts of many a women .. this flower, dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, not only rich in beauty, beauty and even handing out treats ..

In the summer months our gardens blooms "queen of flowers" as she called rose known poetess Sappho. Roses can be found today in thousands of cultivars, passionate breeders every year brings new color variations, scents and new shapes, from classic roses keříkovitých through stromkovité and bougainvillea. Roses adorn the gardens are beautiful in a vase and flower arrangements. But there are also drug and caresses not only for our skin.

Roses for a beautiful and delicate skin

Effects of roses on our skin are soothing, calming and very friendly. Preparations of rose petals are suitable to care for any skin type, especially for sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions.
In one of the previous parts of our series, we have introduced the recipe for lotions from rose petals . Are very popular but also oils and creams with rose extract. With regular use of these products skin moisturize, nourish, give it a fresh and youthful appearance. Are also recommended for very dry skin, and if we suffer Ono nasty expanded and cracked blood vessels in the skin.

Prepare harmonizing pink bath

Rose petals can also add to the relaxing and refreshing bath of the whole body. Either the freshly picked simply toss in the bath, or pre-pour hot water and then pour into the tub. Dried petals are great to bath salts. Such a bath salt simply mix it purchased from bath sea salt and dried flowers, the roses are suitable such as lavender, which thanks to its agents obsahovaným further strengthen relaxing effect baths.

Captivating and aphrodisiac aroma of roses

Roses are popular in the cosmetic industry, not only for its beneficial effects on the skin, flavoring essence roses are already popular for many generations ingredients for the manufacture of perfumes, colognes, soaps, air fresheners, scented oils and essential oils of modern aromatherapy. Aroma Rose is regarded as harmonizing, aphrodisiac and restorative.

Bulgaria is famous for its traditional production of cosmetics from pink flowers. Personally, I even tasted Bulgarian rose jam, thanks to its strong aroma was for my taste a bit unusual .. But surely have beneficial effects.

Roses treat both for internal use
Rose petals can be taken internally, either in the form of tea, syrup, jam or above. Such products applied such as support treatment of respiratory diseases, especially lung disease and bronchitis. Help but also for digestive problems, improve your overall digestion and in particular for the renewal and regeneration of the intestinal flora.

Collection and drying rose petals
For therapeutic purposes we use the petals in a fresh state, or they may be dried for later use. Picking flowers can be from all available cultivars, in the spring of rose-hip, now in the summer, any that we have available. Harvesting and drying petals requires little care - we make sure that we are too nepomačkali and nezapařili. Therefore, it is fine after one otrháváme from flowers and store in a shopping cart or in a thin layer on the drying plate or into a low cardboard box. Rose petals are dried in the shade or in a well ventilated room, initially without turning, towards the end of the drying times can aerate and shaken. Dried drug store well either hermetically closed container away from direct sunlight, or use them to produce as bath salts.

Make your medicinal rose oil for beautiful skin
In conclusion, we show a recipe for home-made Skin oils from the petals of roses. This oil is suitable for treatment of sensitive and dry skin, cracked skin on the heels of stressed and dry skin on hands, minor burns, but also on the skin sunburn, or as treatment after sunbathing.

Recipe for rose oil:
Freshly picked rose petals stuffed into a sealable container made ​​of transparent glass and pour extra virgin sunflower oil so that they are completely submerged (you can also use extra virgin olive oil - extra virgin). Place the jar in a sunny place and let it steep for 3-4 weeks so, the glass often shake, but do not open it. Finally, pour off oil over canvas and pink petals thoroughly squeeze. Rose oil are stored preferably in small closed glass bottle.

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The author Roses - gentle care for sensitive and dry skin: Michaela Vorlová