Rosemary stress, rheumatism, and for better digestion

Rosemary is not only spices, rosemary is an effective medication. Records of its use date back deep into history, believed in its magical cleansing power and less people respected his healing powers ..

The name of this highly aromatic herb comes from Latin and is very poetic .. "Ros maris" means "sea rose" .. Rosemary got this name because of its original occurrence in nature is derived from the Mediterranean region, where it grows wild on rocky sea coasts. Sometimes this name translates as "sea dew."
With us how we can grow in the garden, such as potted plants, likes sun and permeable calcareous soil. Rosemary is a perennial and blooms in a variety of colors from purple through blue, pink, sometimes white, depending on variety. To keep the plant dense and not too rozkošatělou, we should regularly cut.

Collection and drying rosemary

Rosemary leaves from the plant can be harvested for immediate consumption throughout the year, but they have the greatest power in the period just before flowering. Then it is appropriate to cut a few twigs of plants, bind to smaller flowers and hang to dry. Dry leaves from the woody stems odrhneme and store in a well-closed container. So retain as much aromatic and active substances. For the same reason, it is recommended to dry leaves finely podrtit until just before use.

Rosemary soothe and encourage us at the same time

This herb has healing in terms of a peculiarity which has a stimulating while soothing effect. Stimulates blood circulation and slightly raises blood pressure, but it also calms the mind, wards off depression, anxiety and relaxes internal stresses. Thus helps the various nerve pain, such as certain types of migraine. It is a good herb for insomnia, it can be found in herbal blends to soothe and strengthen the nerves.
Rosemary can be used as a tea by itself or as an apprentice PART herbal mixture. A very similar effect is achieved by relaxing and applications in the form of essential oil ..

Rosemary in Aromatherapy
Essential fragrances contained in rosemary is used in aromatherapy have probably several thousand years. Traditionally, rosemary added to incense and perfumes, both for ritual and for medicinal purposes. In France, apparently even in mixed incense and used in exorcism. He also attach aphrodisiac effect, as in moderation, and inhalation of aromas from the plant.
Essential olejíčky containing essential oils of rosemary aromatic lamps in use today as the treatment of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, where the disinfecting effect help control the infection of the mucous membranes. These vapors disinfect the air in the room while her beautifully scented. As well as relieve headaches, feelings of tension and stress. They can increase concentration, earlier said that rosemary improves memory.

Internal use of herbs and inhaling its essential ingredients should be avoided especially pregnant women, rosemary stimulates smooth muscle and at high doses could lead to miscarriage. Careful with it should treat the people suffering from high blood pressure.

Rosemary helps with rheumatism and improves digestion

Extracts of this herb in oils and massage creams find their application in the treatment of rheumatism. Is locally stimulate blood circulation, promote their food supply blood and nutrients at the same time relieve the pain.
On our digestive tract has rosemary also very positive influence. From its disinfecting action can benefit such as for colon problems, food poisoning and colic. While generally supports digestion, stimulates the production of bile and works against flatulence. Use spices like rosemary therefore has only effect condiment, especially fatty and stodgy foods may protect us feelings of heaviness and fullness after eating.

Rosemary - with a captivating aroma of spices

Scent of rosemary is for many associated with the aroma wafting from the barbecue. Interestingly, the grills will rosemary aroma even when the hot embers add chunks of dry branches, or throw into the fire a little sheets. Seasoning power of herbs is truly significant, we should use it sparingly, overdose would give us food could zhořknout.
Rosemary is useful in a wide range of dishes, traditionally the meat and fish, but also in salads, soups, dressings and sauces. Its flavor is distinctive in the production of herbal vinegars and oils, which can both be added to salads and used for marinating meat and vegetables.
Rosemary is also an important part of the Provesálského spices, along with basil , thyme , lavender and oregano.

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The author Rosemary stress, rheumatism, and for better digestion: Michaela Vorlová