Raspberry and blackberry - prepare a delicious and medicinal tea

Raspberry and blackberry leaves are a natural remedy for ailments such as intestinal colic, digestive problems, urinary problems or periodontitis. For us and then pleased how well such a cleansing herbal tea tasty and refreshing ..

I think there is no need to write much about the appearance and occurrence of raspberry and blackberry bushes. We are both among the favorite plants of passionate gardeners, so in our country there are still as wild. We now focus on the medicinal properties of leaves.

It's time to go on blackberry and raspberry leaves
Raspberry and blackberry leaves have the highest content of active ingredients right now in the spring, before flowering plants. It is therefore the right time for collection and drying, which is not at all difficult. Leaves reap so that the fingernail or odštipujeme odstřiháváme from the parent plant, while the stem is omitted. Then spread a thin layer of cardboard or grids and dried in the shade outdoors or in a well-ventilated room. When drying in the oven or in the dryer temperature should not exceed 40-45C. The leaves of these two plants dry out fairly well, but they should not change the color, browned drug sort out, leaving only a dried green leaves. If we have a choice, prefer to harvest leaves from wild plants which generally have a higher content of active substances.

Raspberry and blackberry leaves can often be found as an ingredient as fruit and herbal teas. They have a very pleasant and refreshing taste, fermented even used as a substitute for Chinese tea.
Another advantage is that their effect is considered to be mild and gentle, even they are not aware of any side effects, we can therefore take a long time and no worries.

Raspberry and blackberry against intestinal Cathars and for good digestion

Tea from the leaves of raspberry and blackberry has a very positive effect on our digestive tract. They attribute the stimulatory effects on digestion, especially promoting the excretion of bile and ease digestion overall. Worth noticing is the antidiarrheal effect. Tea from raspberry and blackberry is suitable to use in diarrhea, intestinal and gastric catarrh and colic and alleviate their course and promote healing of these irritating troubles. Great advantage is the fineness of their action, thanks to which they can be administered to children.

Raspberry and blackberry "pure blood" and relieve menstrual problems
Ostružiníkový and raspberry tea can also be used as part of cleaning treatments, because it acts as a diuretic, helping the body to pay established toxic substances. Their application is also suitable for many problems with the bladder, such as its lack of activity, urinary stones, or inflammation. These herbs include into our drinking regime, even if we suffer water retention in the body and swollen limbs.
Women appreciate further undisputed positive raspberry and blackberry, and that their tea from the dried leaves relieves spasms and unpleasant conditions at the time of menstruation. Sometimes raspberry recommends drinking in the last months of pregnancy, which stimulates the contraction of smooth muscle and is expected to ease and shorten delivery. During the first months of pregnancy, for obvious reasons, on the contrary use is not recommended.

Raspberry and blackberry heals gums and skin
Previously, the leaves were treated and dermatitis, in particular inflammatory and chronic type. Tea, preferably a decoction of blackberry and raspberry leaf is used as a gargle for the treatment of inflammation in the oral cavity. (Recipes we show at the end of the article). A decoction of the leaves can be in the case of inflammation in the oral cavity, periodontal disease and inflammation of the throat feel free to apply several times a day for intensive rinsing and gargling.

Recipe for Tea - Infusion: a heaping tablespoon of powdered drugs, pour 250 ml of boiling water and leave for a few minutes Luhová, strain and enjoy 2-3x a day

Recipe for tea - brew: a heaping tablespoon of powdered drugs, pour 300 ml of cold water, bring to the boil and simmer briefly, let Luhová 5-10 minutes, then strain, used as a gargle or as a tea for more acute problems with the bladder and in diarrhea and colic .

References: Medicinal trees and shrubs by herbalist Paul

The author Raspberry and blackberry - prepare a delicious and medicinal tea: Michaela Vorlová