Quince general benefit not only our digestion

O "Apple Venus", as it is also called fragrant quince fruits, abbess Hildegard said that "the benefit of the sick and healthy .."

The origin of the quince goes back to Iran and the Caucasus, but is now also often found in southern Europe, North America and many countries in Asia. For us it unfortunately rarely meet Gardens, which is a shame because the quince fruit healing and beneficial to our body.
Quince tree is similar to the apple tree, sometimes it can be seen as a shrub. Its very nice, off-white and pink flowers are quite large, sometimes have up to 5 cm in diameter. A typical feature fruits, shaped like an apple or pear, is considerable hardness, thick skin and a pleasant fragrance.

What quince contain?
Quince for us provides a number of usable materials. In addition to carbohydrate and pectin also contain essential oils, organic acids and tannins. We find them in quite a lot of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, manganese, sulfur and copper. They also contain vitamin C, but it has the required heat treatment of the most useless.
The seeds of quince, which is somewhat similar to the lens, are significant primarily for its slizovými substances. As you say below, and for us that can be beneficial.

How quince beneficial to our health?
Quince fruits we can effectively help especially for digestive problems. Recommended for problems such as the stomach, whether it's compromised, or even more serious problems such as inflammation and gastric ulcers. Quince is a good natural remedy for diarrhea and intestinal catarrh. It also helps eg sore throat, dried fruit slices previously chewed to eliminate bad breath, benefit our entire oral cavity.
Abbess Hildegard recommending these fruits to many ailments. Their consumption accordingly beneficial to people suffering from rheumatism. Cooked quince, according to Hildegard also a great remedy for external application, and to soothe and heal inflamed ulcer and places to attach kašovitého in the form of tiles.
A similar purposes as the fruit can be used macerate - water extract from the seeds. He is also well suited treatment very sensitive skin, such as around the eyes, burns, frostbite, scars, and to treat dry and cracked skin.

How to handle quince to eat?
Quinces ripen in October, when the harvest is either store the cooler in the room or the basement, or processed as stewed fruit, jelly, jam, juice, etc. Such modifications can use any conventional recipe for processing apples and pears. It is important to get rid of fruit prior to processing tough, leathery skin, which is hard to digest. Nakrájením sliced ​​and subsequent drying of quince can prepare křížaly which then thoroughly when eating rozžvýkáme mouth.

These healthy and aromatic fruits, however, have other traditional uses that might know from our grandmothers and great-grandmothers .. previously liked to put them in the dresser, who managed the whole scent.

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The author Quince general benefit not only our digestion: Michaela Vorlová