Purpura - fragrant charm of Czech Christmas

Although constantly repeated everywhere that Christmas is peace and tranquility with the procedure accelerating our already fast every time sober person will understand that this is in reality not .. so today a little lightening and talk about something pleasant ..

.. about our traditional Christmas scent, they knew it and used our great-grandmother of purpura, which can illustrate the amazing atmosphere of comfort, calm and warmth of home ..
We can buy it in the store, but it can also prepare yourself, the more its fragrance pleases us ..

It is the right time to the production of domestic purpura

Why? Because herbal purpura is left to ripen for at least 1-2 weeks.
What is purpura, probably almost everyone knows - it's a blend of herbs and spices with the addition of aromatic essences, this means that it's actually a Christmas pot pourri , with the only difference that purpura heats up smolder slowly and leaves, which is an experience the smell intensified.
For those who would like to try a purple make yourself at home, you now say how to do it, there's nothing heavy, just to have the right ingredients.

Recipe for homemade purple

We use a variety of aromatic herbs, spices and other dried ingredients: cloves , cinnamon , nutmeg, peppermint , lavender , lemon balm, thyme and thyme , basil , rosemary , sage , marjoram, oregano, wormwood , fennel seeds , anise and cummin, flower marigolds , cornflowers, roses, heather, chamomile, pine needles, blueberry, raspberry, and jahodníkové ostružiníkové leaves, eucalyptus leaves and many other herbs. Unlike pot pourri rather not add to the mixture dried fruit, due to the sugar content should be submitted připalovalo scent and would at least like. Herbs and spices mix, podrtíme or blender grind briefly - this whole mixture to soften.
Furthermore, we need olejíčky fragrance: cinnamon, peppermint, almond, clove, pine, vanilla, orange, etc., choose the smell that is pleasant to us. Olejíčky can be combined, but recommend a maximum of two and carefully so as to match.
Another procedure is very simple. Pour mixture of herbs in a quality plastic bag or in a well-stoppered glass. Then add the fragrant oil - one handful herbs about 15-25 drops olejíčku, depending on its concentration - stir and mix thoroughly. Bag or container thoroughly shut and let ripen 1-2 weeks to make us into the aroma spread evenly all herbs .. and magic is done.

Burning purpura
Today, home stove really few, but we can cautiously purple fire and example on ceramic plate cooker set on low, or on the iron stove plate, preferably with the use of aluminum foil as the substrate under the herbal mixture. Even so, do not keep it, of course, prefer unattended. Purpura but can also burn the container aromatic lamps, which normally drips fragrant oil into the water. The room smells us even if it is just to heat the heating pad, plus it's probably the safest option. Purpura should literally flame, but only slightly smolder. Heat up and "burn" it is because the action of heat is much more aromatic substances released into the air, therefore the effect is much more pronounced.

Everyone certainly knows from experience how smell can affect our moods, feelings, state of mind .. smell can distract us, to point out that something is rotten, to warn us of danger, even angry, disgust or .. but we can also reassure, encourage, oblažit, excite, lulled to sleep and give us a sense of peace and contentment.

Christmas purpura is the one scent that will help us to forget the hustle and bustle and stress and create the right atmosphere of pleasant days and evenings spent with our loved ones. Can we get to where we should ov á í ch night be - at ease.

The author Purpura - fragrant charm of Czech Christmas: Michaela Vorlová