Pot pourri - aromatherapy and decorations for your home

.. Try yourself at home make your own pot pourri - decoration, which will be their smell throughout the year to commemorate summer days steeped in the sun, delight your eyes, nose, mind and soul ..

Popular pot pourri today, truth, we can at an affordable price to buy it in any ordinary shop .. but not above such that you produce yourself with love. Have our great-grandmothers and great-grandmothers at home attached called geraniums, bundles of aromatic herbs that localize differently around the house and dressers. Scented pads, herbal geraniums and pot pourri scented our home and also remind us of summer sunny days throughout the year.

What can be used for domestic production pot pourri?
If you already have available nasušené flowers, leaves, fruits and aromatic herbs, we have almost everything needed for domestic production of decorative and fragrant mixture. If not, just not quickly go to the countryside for a walk and collect what we just fits the eye.
The list of possible ingredients is really long. It depends on what we want to give our pot pourri fragrance and color. Someone has a rather delicate floral scents, while another warm and woody or refreshing mint and .. someone wants to prepare a harmonious combination, based on one color tone, others prefer to enjoy the view of the combination of a wide range of colors, or would like your pot pourri correlated with the colors in the interior. No problem, there are plenty to choose from, let me mention a few examples of possible ingredients:

Dried flowers - beautiful and fragrant are certainly rose petals, strong aroma pot pourri adds lavender , the smell of the south and the sun. But we can use any flower that can be dry, while retaining a nice color, such as peony, daisy, marigold , cornflower, hydrangea, pansy, jasmine, thistle, sweet pea, violet and many more.

The leaves of herbs and trees - eucalyptus, mint , sage , bay leaf, rosemary , thyme , thyme , oregano, lemon balm, leaves of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry, ivy, or any color of the leaves and pretty achievable trees and pine needles.

Dried fruit - oranges and lemons into slices or peel, dried apple slices, rosehips, rowan, hawthorn fruit, loquat, and the like.

Aromatic spices - cloves, cinnamon , cardamom, nutmeg, fennel , anise, cumin, chili peppers, coriander, and star anise.

We can add anything from nature, what pleases our eye, such as tree bark, cones, seeds, nuts, dried beans, chestnuts, acorns, beechnuts, moss, shells, or small twigs.

Pot pourri belongs to the decorative container
To be our pot pourri caress the eye, we should not ignore the container in which it is placed. This should of course tune with the environment and the interior and should be decorative. The best are ceramic, porcelain and glass bowls or baskets and wicker baskets. Forget the plastic, if we like metal containers, rather choose stainless or enameled plates. Pot pourri but may be placed in such large shells into chiffon bags for hanging, or decorative pots, imagination has no limits.

How to enhance the effects of your aromatic pot pourri?

Pot pourri, which is commonly purchased in stores, in most cases, perfume, so that had a significant aromatic effect. Moreover, after some time Flavours of dry plants evaporate. This does not mean that it is necessary to throw out trash and buy a new or mix.
We can use a small and simple trick to existing mixture once in a while Put a few drops of aromatic olejíčku (about 3-5 drops) as the one that is commonly used in aromatic lamps. Favorites are the essential oils of jasmine, orange, grapefruit, pine, cedar, cinnamon, vanilla, eucalyptus, sandalwood, lemongrass and rose.

Pot pourri of us can be a cure
As is known, the smell can heal, encourage or calm the body and mind. Even our pot pourri can turn into an aromatic medicine of choice to add essential oil. For example, eucalyptus and pine oil easier breathing asthmatics and people suffering from respiratory diseases .. We lavender calms, relaxes and lull to sleep, like oregano and cinnamon .. cloves .. us warm lemon and orange .. rosemary stimulates us improve concentration and mood. . The indisputable advantage is that we can adjust our pot pourri oil choice for peace, according to your mood and needs.

In conclusion, one more little tip .. Try your

homemade pot pourri nicely wrap and ribbon and embellish be dried roses .. you created an original gift that you can surprise and delight someone who will appreciate it ..

The author Pot pourri - aromatherapy and decorations for your home: Michaela Vorlová