Plums - healing fruits gossamer

Surely you know that old trick, if not succeed, and not where the king goes alone .. plums are in this case of gold .. and, moreover, our bodies literally recharges energy and many essential vitamins and minerals ..

Dark blue oval fruits plums are rich storehouse of household substances and for many generations very valuable fruit. When you say plum, usually we think of brandy, and she may have the beneficial effect of moderate drinking on our health .. but comparable to the consumption of fruits themselves ..

Plums contain many vitamins and minerals
Plums are not very rich in vitamin C, but we find in them a source of B vitamins, sometimes even compared to the "B-complex tablet." Take, for example vitamin B12 - kabalamin, an important vitamin for blood, its consumption will prevent dangerous anemia. Further, eg biotin - vitamin H, which is necessary for the metabolism of the body and takes care of the health and beauty of our skin, hair and nails.
Another important vitamin, represented in plums, vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects the body cells from damage. Is prevention of certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and so on., It also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the blood.
But plums are especially rich storehouse of minerals containing potassium (heart, nerves, muscles), phosphorus (metabolism, teeth, bones), iron (hematopoiesis, cell oxygenation), magnesium (brain, muscles, metabolism), calcium (bones, teeth , nerves) and smaller amounts of sulfur and zinc.

All these substances are essential for healthy processes in the human body. Plums were previously in any form valuable food throughout the year, because they are conserved in several ways. In spring and winter, with the lack of fresh vegetables and fruit and served as the á á Sat rna scarce and healthy substances and also a source of energy.

Plums are reliable laxative
Surely you know that old trick, if not succeed, and not where the king goes alone .. Several prunes povařených easily in water, or a bowl of canned plums, a few tablespoons of jam dense and needless to see a doctor. Prunes are a natural laxative the most reliable, suitable for children, like figs . Improves intestinal peristalsis, which also cleans well and shedding excess fat. This will even help weight loss, because they prevent the imposition of these fats in the form of unwanted subcutaneous stocks. Even with them in regular moderate consumption attributed preventive effect against colon cancer, a very frequent disease due to unhealthy diet and too bold.

Where and how to get quality plums?

Today, in our shop you will find a wide variety of plums, Ringle, plums, etc. .. But those "ordinary" plums rather rarely. In addition, fruits from a large-scale below the quality of ripe plums, picked off the village for the .. is often harvested before maturity, plus they are usually treated by spraying with a number of adverse effects on our health. If we want quality and chemically untreated plums, best do we do when we go to the markets malopěstitelů or look up someone who is prolific enough to spare. If we have a plum tree in the garden or growing wild in the area, we have won.
An important hallmark of quality fruit is silvery bloom - in a secular, we can be sure that it is relatively fresh. Fruits should not be too hard, the softest of them were the most suitable for preserves and jam.

Would you like plums, dried, pickled, or perhaps plum jam?
The tradition of preserving plums in our country is certainly long, this fruit because of the high sugar content, and pectin can handle so that we can use for several months, good jam sometimes many years.
Our grandmothers dried plums each year for the following winter. They knew that their time comes. Ate with itself, but also have prepared foods, such as fruit dumplings, cakes, sauces wilderness or editing the Christmas carp. Plum jam just as well not lacking in any household, the ingredients necessary for the right real Czech cakes and pies.
Today we plums freeze for later use, they are still popular and compotes. Personally, I have a great varie pits into which I add sliced ​​almonds .. I highly recommend to all connoisseurs ..

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The author Plums - healing fruits gossamer: Michaela Vorlová