Pine heals our body and mind

Just a little suck her penetrating and soothing scent that in the minds of many of us invokes images of Christmas .. Pine is a symbol of the Celtic winter solstice, Christmas and Christian remedy for everyone, regardless of belief or disbelief, how well they knew the ancient curanderos ..

The Celts were pine with fir symbol of the winter solstice. These two trees decorated ribbons and is celebrated as the incoming light the trees, the time when the Goddess once again gives birth to his son sun .. At the first glance, the similarity with the birth of Jesus not purely coincidental .. Christian tradition to build on the old pagan Celtic traditions and celebrations of nature, and as such it is one of the symbols pine Christmas.
In practical terms, for us, was formerly significant not only for its timber, as well as pitch. Of fairy tales and movies they know torches and torches, which shone strong bright light - Pine shame it burns so strong flame. She had many uses, was an important and glue was used to seal all possible, houses, boats and barrels. How well do you know the old curanderos, but is also active, as well as other parts of the spruce tree ..

Pine - not only effective remedy for coughs and colds
In times past the pine commonly used as an easily accessible remedy for cough and cold. The buds, young shoots, and sometimes from young cones, was preparing tea, which is served several times a day patient. Essential oils contained in the pine tree is established to help dissolve mucus in both the lungs and bronchi and in the nasal cavities. But they also have antiseptic effects can thus destroy the infection, not only in diseases of the respiratory tract, but also in inflammation such as kidney or bladder.
This medicinal tea is tastier after sweeten with honey and overall very encouraging, outside of essential oils and contains valuable vitamins and minerals. However, care must be taken not to be too concentrated, as it may irritate the lining of our digestive tract. If you would like to try it, be sure not exceed the given dosage.
Recipe for tea from pine:
1 teaspoon dried drug (buds or young shoots) pour 0.30 liters of boiling water, cover and let stand for 15 minutes, strain
- Enjoying tea by the spoonful or sip is recommended 2x a day and only for a period of illness.

Pine in aromatherapy - to make us breathe well
For the treatment of the above ailments with pine is used in aromatherapy. A few drops in olejíčku aromatic lamps can sometimes work wonders. Even in this way improves mucosal blood flow, helps to dissolve mucus and sanitize our airways, thus destroying pathogens. It is also suggested to improve breathing for asthma, but it is necessary to comply with the prescribed duration of action, which is usually around 15 minutes. Essential oils of pine extract us improve mood and induce inner peace, their application is also on site in case of stress, depression, insomnia and so on.
If you pine needles or extract essential oils prepare bath, the effect is twofold - relaxed oil affects us their breathing, as well as direct contact with the skin, the blood circulation and disinfected.

It hurts your muscles or joints? Take a bath, pine needles!
A decoction of the needles is a wonderful remedy for muscle pain and in their overall fatigue after strong physical exertion. I'm sure it will be appreciated by those of us who suffer from joint pain associated with rheumatism and gout. Substances contained in pine stimulate blood circulation, release them and improve their supply necessary materials.
Not only baths have this wonderful effect, but alcohol lubrication oils and creams with extracts of pine essential oils. They used since ancient times for massage tired muscles and arthritic joints. Once the oil has been a favorite medicine decoction of pine needles and shoots, which can be kept in the bottle for months and used throughout the year, just as our ancestors did, especially those in hard physical work. We today can such a massage cream or oil with pine extract just buy at the pharmacy. So we buy the same of many other cosmetic products with pine essential oil, such as shampoos and bath foams .. Be sure to check if the product really contains an extract of natural essential oils, aroma and effects are for products incomparably greater.

If it is just the pine trees that adorn the ribbons for Christmas, be sure to carefully closed eyes sink into her nose needles .. see how you smell it will also improve your mood and refresh your mind.

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The author Pine heals our body and mind: Michaela Vorlová