Pepper as a stimulant of digestion and natural aphrodisiac

Pepper is one of the most popular and most widely used spice in the world. And not only for its strong and pungent aroma, but also thanks to its stimulating effects on our body that many of us do not even realize ..

Black kava is a creeping, evergreen plant with heart-shaped leaves. They are here and those who grow it at home for decoration, but in our country it is very difficult to force the plant to procreation. The best climate for the successful cultivation of the tropics, but does not like direct sunlight, will thrive in moderate shade or partial shade. It comes from India, but now also grown in eg Brazil, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, etc., whence exported to the whole world.

What is the difference between black, white and green pepper?
Although we may think that the opposite is true, black pepper is usušeným, still nedozrálým pepper fruit, while white pepper finish creates ripe fruits.
Black pepper is obtained by otrháme grapes with even nedozrálými pepper fruits when starting the light blush and then dried in the sun to darken and peel the zcvrkne. Require no further treatment, so the black pepper cheapest of all these types.
Green pepper is also immature, but still fully green berries, which are to preserve the color, flavor and soft texture loaded in vinegar or salt. Green pepper is a popular seasoning gourmets. It is somewhat more expensive, but more delicate. Likewise is obtained and the red pepper, but it has harvested at the beginning of coloring beads in shades of red.
White pepper is obtained from fully ripe balls that are dipped peeling and shedding softened skin dark. Then dried in the sun until the interior of the fruit most bleaches. White pepper has a noticeably smoother taste and is not as pungent as black pepper.

Aroma pepper preserves the best when it ergot just before use. Ground pepper after extended storage loses its taste and smell, so it is best to buy pepper corns and use special spice grinder.

Pepper is the spice into love potions

A typical effect on our organism pepper is stimulant effects. Therefore, it is also considered a natural aphrodisiac. Stimulates blood circulation, blood pressure rises and thus the supply of nutrients and oxygen to organs. Subjectively in us such a feeling of rush of energy and sharpening the senses. General improvement of blood circulation organs also increases our sensitivity to stimuli and can even enhance our enjoyment in driving some of them. Thanks to this, the list got pepper seasoning in love potions. At the end of the article we show one of my recipe for mulled spiced wine, which is one of such stimulants fluid. For aphrodisiac drink is due to the content of pepper also considered as a cocktail called "Bloody Mary" who revel mainly men.

Pepper helps with digestion
Adding pepper to eat not only affects its taste, but also help our stomach to digest the food. Essential oils contained in this sharp spices stimulate the production of saliva and digestive juices, faster and easier to digest food and stimulate appetite at all. If we add pepper as the Bold or otherwise heavily digestible food, help our digestion and we can preemptively avoid feelings of heaviness in the stomach and slow digestion. It also has a slightly antiseptic properties and also acts against bloating.

Pepper, yes, but in moderation

As is the case with other strongly aromatic herbs and spices, pepper applies even if "everything in moderation" .. Pregnant women should consume it in smaller doses, as well as people suffering from high blood pressure. In the case of gastric ulcers or stomach acidity also not the spices, which we should not wallow. With long-term consumption of high doses may even lead to the formation of gastric ulcers, because of stimulation of stomach acid.

In conclusion, we show promised a simple recipe for a wine that we can be both an aphrodisiac and a cure, for example during a cold. This wine stimulates blood circulation and blood flow to organs, warms our body and the mucous membranes, which also improves cough, runny nose runs while helping the coveted start sweating in the disease. Its only disadvantage is that it is not suitable for children, or when taking antibiotics. Is also an excellent example, after a long winter walk or get cold, low pressure and cold hands and feet.

© recipe for mulled, spicy, invigorating wine:
0.7 l of good red wine, 1-2 pieces of cinnamon bark, 5-7 cloves, 5 peppercorns, 1 star star anise, a pinch of grated nutmeg, 3 tablespoons raisins, 1/2 pokrájeného lemon or orange, 2-3 spoons of honey.
Pour the wine into the pot, add spices, citrus fruit and raisins. Bring slowly to the boil, simmer less than 1 minute from the stove is not in use. Before mixing honey let it cool a bit, we can add a slice of fresh lemon or orange and drink after gulps.

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