Peaches will refresh you and your skin

Pleasantly aromatic and juicy peaches are one of the favorite fruits of summer peak. Refreshes us, give us a lot of beneficial substances and refreshes even our skin.

First record of preserved peach come back to the period before 4000 years ago from Asia, where it is probably their original homeland. Gradually spread to other continents, also found in our peach trees in many gardens.
This juicy fruit is very popular not only because of its slightly sweet taste and fresh aroma, peach Another advantage is their good digestibility and minimal threat of allergic reactions, even the most sensitive of us. Peaches are great snacks for all ages.

Peaches are healthy summer refreshment
Velvet hairy peach fruit, as well as a smooth and shiny nectarines are up to 85% made ​​up of water, sugars in them are represented by about 7-10%. Eating peaches then supplement the body fluids and also deliver fruit sugars, which are immediately released into the blood - peaches have a stimulating our body and brain. In addition, include a number of other beneficial substances.

Peaches as a delicious source source of vitamins and minerals

The peaches can find vitamin C in addition to a relatively high dose represented carotenes - provitamins vitamin A. These antioxidants protect our body from free radicals and give freshness, strength and color of our skin healthy. The peaches can find some B vitamins, which are beneficial to our nerves, skin and overall immunity.
This delicious fruit is also a number of trace elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron and calcium.

Peaches for a good mood and lightness of body
Combination of the above substances, especially niacin and magnesium, peaches inserted into the hold positive effect on our nervous system. Elevate our minds, calm us and help us get back to being.
Peaches on our body also acts detoxifying, diuretic and slightly laxative, thus helping to cleanse the body of waste products from established, promote weight loss and contribute to overall good health and vitality.

Peach mask for fresh skin
Peaches and their extracts are due to its rich representation of beneficial substances added to many cosmetic products. However, if you do not have time, or all the necessary ingredients to prepare complicated recipes, just us and one mature enough juicy fruit. The skin and get rid of the seeds and mash it with a fork to fine. After thoroughly washing the skin mushy mass simply applied on the face, neck and décolleté and leave to act for approx 15 minutes. Then wash off the mask with warm water.
Peach mask is well tolerated by nearly all skin types, only people with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions should first test her reaction. Peach pleasantly moisturizes our skin, softens, gently off and gives it a youthful appearance.

Peach is a caress for palates
The peaches and nectarines, we can prepare a variety of delicacies. Are great in fruit salads and ice-cream sundaes, they can prepare from them and refreshing cocktails and delicious marrow is peach jam or compote. They can be found as part of many recipes for baking cakes, are delicious as a garnish for desserts and cakes. Many a gourmet peach flavor adds a contrasting element in the treatment of meat dishes in our popular as baked chicken breast with peach and cheese.
We should not forget the traditional use for the production of peach liqueurs and spirits, which have the typical, slightly sweet flavor.

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The author Peaches will refresh you and your skin: Michaela Vorlová