Pea - legume as a natural anabolic

Green pea balls are surprisingly rich reservoir of substances that promote the formation of muscle, strengthen nerves and are a great source of energy and vitality, not only for growing children and athletes ..

Pea is a legume, whose fruits we can freshen soon for summer, of course, if we sow in time. These include plants that produces very fast, so we can sow a few times per season, for example, with 2-3 week intervals in order to reap all summer.
Young pods called sugar peas are tender and juicy so that we can eat a whole. Grown pea seeds called medullary vylupujeme and eat either fresh or cooked, they are also drying, pickling or freezing. Today most gardeners grow only the amount of peas intended for direct consumption, for cooking, then buy dried peas, frozen or loaded .. let him eat in any form, that benefit our health and fitness. Pea is a treasure trove of many very important nutrients for our body ..

Peas are an excellent source of plant protein
Nutritious pea was well known already our prababičkám .. Games saturate us and will give us plenty of healthy energy, it is an excellent source of plant protein. In the days when meat was scarce on the plate hard working people from the poorer strata games was, along with the lens, one of the most important food.
For its nutritional value him in your diet should regularly include not only vegetarian but also athletes, children at the time of evolution and all physically working people. It is an ideal source of protein for those who, due to health problems should avoid fats, in this respect, one of the herbal alternatives to meat. Out of proteins in it but there are many other beneficial substances ..

Peas contain many important vitamins and minerals

Peas, especially the young and fresh, is a rich source of vitamin C, one of the most powerful antioxidants. In addition, there are many carotenoids that protect our eyes and mucous membranes stimulate recovery, and finally the high value of some group B vitamins, especially B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin). Designated group B vitamins are extremely important for our mental health and nerves, and for healthy skin and hair, blood circulation, supplying cells with nutrients and our immunity at all.
The high content of magnesium is another big positive, is also a source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and copper.
In povšimnutíhodné concentration in it we find many of nucleic acids - substances in our body regenerates, literally rejuvenate our bodies.

Peas as an elixir of youth and anabolic

The combination of vitamins, minerals, proteins and nucleic acids makes the peas injection energy for our cells, tissues, brain and nervous system. As mentioned above, especially athletes, growing children and physically hard working people can effectively draw on the nutrition level of a healthy vegetable, it supports muscle growth and the health and strength of tissues, including bone.
Like any legumes, peas and contains sugars, which are for the body immediately available energy source. We must not forget the fiber that cleans our digestive tract from toxic sediments and helps with the reduction of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

When prefer to avoid excessive consumption of peas?
If we suffer indigestion, you need to individually test the digestibility of peas. Some people may peas cause gas, it can be prevented, or bloating dampened using appropriate spices when cooking and soaking peas. Gout sufferers should generally be consumed legumes rarely.
Adverse purines is largely released into the water during soaking peas before cooking - therefore Pour off the water and add water for cooking fresh. This procedure also reduce the risk of bloating.

Peas 100x differently?
The most beneficial for us to consume fresh peas, but even after heat treatment retains a lot of usable nutrients. If we want to prepare food use canned peas, choose a preferred frozen before being loaded. Dried peas then forget before modifying soak in cold water without salt, at least for a few hours, preferably overnight.
Variability in culinary peas is very large. Fresh is excellent in salads or as an accompaniment to meat, fish or any salty food. When heat adjustments are almost no limits to our imagination and taste. Czech is certainly a classic pea soup or porridge, but peas can "happen" to various vegetable or meat soups, risottos, pasta is great in curries or in other formats Asian cuisine. Balls of frozen or fresh peas also fit into omelets, in mixtures filling tortillas to meat rolls, meatloaf or meatballs, are popular at home and stewed beef with carrots and peas.

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The author Pea - legume as a natural anabolic: Michaela Vorlová