Oyster mushroom - mushroom, which will prolong the life

Healing effects of oyster mushrooms are already thousands of years well known Asian doctors that make you gradually conquers and our western medicine. In Asia, the oyster mushroom considered good health, energy and longevity .. fight cancer, lowers cholesterol levels, strongly stimulates the immune system ...

Oyster mushroom - mushroom, which will prolong the life

Oyster mushroom - or Hirataké - is delicious mushroom growing on the trunks of most trees. Originally probably comes from China, but gradually spread to areas all over the world. We are in the wild occurs mainly from the late l s in the winter, but all year round thanks to pěstírnám and import it now we can buy all year.
Its popularity is still on the rise, not only for gourmets, but also doctors, healers, people with poor health or those without much trouble, but who eat consciously, with the needs of your body and overall fitness ..

Oyster - prevention and a cure for cancer
Effects of substances contained in oyster have proven anticancer effect. Numerous scientific studies continue dealing with their research, but today we find oyster as a component of many drugs prescribed by doctors, not only healers and herbalists. It works both as prevention and as treatment can slow the development of cancer, reduce some cancers and help with after-treatment.
Sometimes inappropriate amazing substance behind such significant effects, beta 1,3 D-glucan, which is highly represented in other Asian, medicinal and delicious mushrooms - shiitake. Extracts from these two fungi containing beta-glucan 1.3 d in different forms successfully used therapeutically to treat cancer. The oyster eating alone and plant it will tell you more at the end of the article.

Oyster effectively strengthens our immunity
Stimulatory effect on our immune system is at the oyster caused not only the above-mentioned matter, but also representation of important vitamins and minerals. In it we find a number of B vitamins, vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, selenium, chromium, etc. It also contains such proteins, fatty acids and fiber, which significantly contributes to the detoxification of the intestines.
Oyster consumption or products with the extract help our body in building a strong protective shield that obrňuje us both from outside intruders in the form of viruses, bacteria, mold and toxic substances, and against degenerative processes within our body .. whether it be "trivial" colds, flu, tonsillitis .. chronic diseases and disorders such as asthma, allergies, eczema, severe fungal disease, recurrent infections, rheumatism, diabetes etc.. to very serious cardiovascular disease and cancer mentioned, even with oyster counts as with the hope of slowing down the development of AIDS.

Oyster lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels
With this delicious sponge should also befriend diabetics. The oyster was discovered effect of reducing blood sugar and problems associated with diabetes, such as high eye pressure. It also reduces blood cholesterol levels, regulates blood pressure and helps prevent and cure arteriosclerosis. Overall beneficial to health, elasticity and permeability of blood vessels and arteries and protects our heart.

Oyster consumption can harm us?
Great advantage of this medicinal mushroom is that there are no known harmful effects on our bodies. The only thing to look out for is the fact that the oyster into each other "pulls" toxins from the environment, such as heavy metals. Never why we do not collect it in the vicinity of roads and otherwise contaminated environment.

How to consume oyster?
Oyster in the kitchen:
As has been mentioned several times, oyster mushroom taste is very pleasant and aromatic fungus that often consume without problems, even people who usually fungi too loving nations. There are countless recipes for her treatment, mainly in the Asian culinary find her as part of the traditional dishes of all kinds, but thanks to its deliciousness is popular all over the world. We are favored adjusts such as natural or breaded steak, is excellent in soups or as ingredients for baking meat, it can be used in stuffings, pasta and rice, cream sauces, etc.
Oyster as a remedy:
Regular consumption of fresh fruit bodies is one way to enjoy the healing effects of oyster. Another option is to use the powder of dried mushrooms or oyster extract preparations. Either we can oyster dry and podrtit or puree for further use or in specialized stores and pharmacies buy ready-made preparation with the stated dosage. For home-prepared powder, the usual daily dose - meant as disease prevention, to reduce sugar and cholesterol levels and to boost immunity, etc. - around 5-10 g dry weight, in the form of a few weeks cortex (best mix with food). The purchased products, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

If you have not had oyster mushrooms on a plate, do not hesitate to taste its delicious taste and aroma, which some liken to meat lovers or perhaps seafood. If you've already tasted it and liked it (in which I strongly believe), certainly it into your diet engage more often .. not to mention regularly. Its effects on our body are amazing, it is a gift of nature to our health.

sources used: Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul herbalist

The author Oyster mushroom - mushroom, which will prolong the life: Michaela Vorlová