Onions as a natural medicine

Not for nothing .. it says to cook dishes with onions means "like a peasant cook and eat like a king" ..

Onions are spread across the world from Western Asia, where it originally grew wild, like a wild plant. Because the locals soon discovered its healing properties and considerably versatile in the kitchen, moved into the gardens, and the people began to cultivate it for their own use. Gradually spread throughout the world and today it is found in many varieties and types .. white, yellow, red, small, large, sweet, hot .. whatever it is, is indispensable in the kitchen and our body healthy and active!

The active substances contained in onions
From the perspective of folk medicine is probably the most important substance contained allicin in onions. Its beneficial effects on human health, we have already discussed in our article about the therapeutic effects of garlic .
Onion also contains a number of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in folic acid (folic acid, vitamin B9), as well as other B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and carotene. The minerals found in onion important elements such as iron, zinc, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, copper, iodine .. is a real storehouse of vital substances.

Onions and treatment of diseases of the common cold, tonsillitis and flu
Knight of the main agents in the fight against these diseases is that allicin - the substance is a strong antibiotic effect in our body. Good old recipe for cough - juice of chopped onion sprinkled with sugar - is one of the most popular ways to use onions for the treatment of respiratory tract diseases. A similar effect has a concoction of onions, known as onion tea. How juice and tea in times of illness we should be taking at least 3-4 times a day, relieving our breathing, coughing and improve gradually curtailing those microscopic intruders in our airways. (The recipe for the juice of onion: onion, sliced ​​Sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, the juice begins as early as now, served several times daily 2-4 teaspoons)
On a cold, and inflammatory disease of the nasal sinuses again pays inhaling fumes from fresh sliced ​​onions, although a little pat, but know that it pungent burning sensation in the nose can be a little longer. Active substances in fumes from the onion will help us with the destruction of microorganisms that nests on the mucosa in our sinuses and there is harmful.
The other substances, such as the above vitamins and minerals will help shorten the duration of treatment, because it will strengthen the immunity of our body.

Onions and digestion
Onions have many positive effects on our digestive tract. Strengthens the stomach and intestines, where it helps maintain a healthy microflora. It also improves the taste of food and subsequent digestion of food because it stimulates the production of bile and gastric juices.

Onions and blood circulation
Onions are used since time immemorial to reduce high blood pressure. Essential oils and other active substances can be very, very effectively reduce high blood pressure and regular use by the many "mild cases" could replace some chemical preparations. This effect can be demonstrated for a few moments after its consumption - by simply measuring the blood pressure before and after ingestion of onions.
Reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood is another amazing feature of this plant. Helps prevent health complications, such as varicose veins, blood circulation disorders (eg, cold hands and feet), hemorrhoids, but also more serious, such as a heart attack.
Onions generally supports heart and cleanse our vascular and venous system.
I diabetics should be great friends and frequent consumers of onions, as it reduces blood sugar levels.

External use onion
Onion is a well known and effective folk remedy for insect bites and stings - and really effective. To the affected area as soon as you attach a slice of fresh onion, so we will limit swelling and unpleasant itching and redness.
Onions, however, due to its antiseptic and antibiotic effects is also used to treat skin diseases such as fungus or warts. The sick place, according to the traditional recipes attach paste of crushed fresh onion, and a few hours and periodically until recovery. Some skeptics in this little faith in her power, others suggest the possibility of unpleasant skin irritation, others swear by it and I highly recommend it, its antibiotic effect is confirmed fact. The external long-term use fresh onions on the skin but need to be more careful in the case of any allergic reaction it should be discontinued.

Onions and Cancer Prevention
Onions, like garlic is still the subject of research for their foreseeable and often studies demonstrated anticancer effects. We talk about it often in connection with the prevention of prostate cancer, stomach and colon, while research is still certainly not over.

Other interesting effects of onions
Onion has also healing the kidneys and urinary tract, helping l éčit inflammatory and infectious diseases. It is also known as a natural aphrodisiac, improves blood circulation in the genital organs and stimulates libido.

Onions in the kitchen
Onions with us established itself as indispensable ingredients for cooking most of our "classic" dishes. Many of the dishes without losing its characteristic taste and aroma, all the sauces, soups, by all cooked meats, spreads, salads .. the spices and vegetables, we can boil, braise, fry, pickling, or enjoy the healthiest - raw.

Onion is undoubtedly the queen in our kitchen and has much to be proud of! The more that our daily diet significantly enriched by the many medicinal and beneficial substances, protects and heals the body.

The author Onions as a natural medicine: Michaela Vorlová