Oak bark not only heals skin inflammations and hemorrhoids

Oak tree at first glance full of strength and energy. Our ancestors worshiped him deeply, therefor he his gods and worshiped him .. not only its grandeur, but its amazing healing power .. knew that deserve it ..

Oak and sessile oak trees are among the most common in Europe. Often grow majestic proportions and some trees can live to several hundred years, even oak can live well over 1000 years.
Since ancient times, these trees man admired and venerated, was related to them, many religious and pagan rituals, myths and legends, the gods and therefor he enjoyed the high esteem. Not surprisingly, were not only a symbol of strength, a man also provide wood for the house and the fire and medication for his health.

Oak is a traditional source of medicinal substances
Oak bark is used for healing since time immemorial, from the whole tree has the highest content of active substances and has been and is easily accessible remedy for many health problems. For us, the most valuable are its antiseptic properties and its ability to absorb and stop the bleeding, as both the external and internal application. About its effects will discuss in greater detail below.
Previously, however, commonly used to treat and oak leaves, such as digestive problems, but also on all the below mentioned difficulties treated bark, but have a slightly lower content of active substances than the cortex.
Even galls, round structures on the leaves, which are home žlabatky duběnkové larvae were effective treatment, such as typhoid, the bleeding wounds and inflamed skin and mucous membranes. Applied as a powder, decoction, extract or alcohol.
The acorns boiled "coffee" drink tonic and antiseptic, used for cleaning the body, blood formation and against internal inflammation, such as urinary tract infections.

Collection of oak bark and buying drugs with the extract

Collect oak bark from trees in the fall, and only from young branches with a diameter of up to 2-3 cm. The bark on the branch is incised longitudinally and gradually peeling off, then her thinly usušíme and store in sealable container or bag and store the dry.
Easier for us will probably bark or extract preparations with her ​​purchase at the pharmacy. These products are not expensive but are really effective.

Oak bark heals effectively reduces inflammation and bleeding
Oak bark is commonly used in the form of decoction, today mostly for external use. Beneficial effects such as skin injury, from small to larger wounds that need to disinfect and stop the bleeding. It works quite strongly anti-inflammatory, fits over the already inflamed wounds that heal poorly and long, its antiseptic and astringent effect was why it was very highly prized. Likewise, we should return to it today, as a natural product has a minimum of side effects.
On the skin it is applied as a bath, to wash or as a compress. In addition to these injuries and inflammation such as skin heals and oozy eczema, fungal infections of the skin, venous ulcers, acne and so on. It is also used for gargling in case of periodontitis and infections of the throat and oral cavity.

The recipe for a decoction for external application: 2 tablespoons of oak bark, pour 250 ml of cold water, bring to boil and simmer 10 minutes, drain
- We use to wash the affected areas, or tiles.
/ Preparation decoction gargling reduce the dose of bark on one tablespoon into 250 ml of water for tea 1 teaspoon to 200 ml of water /

Gel made ​​from oak bark - not only unpleasant hemorrhoids
Today oak bark commonly found in products such as Antihemorrhagic, very annoying and widespread health problem. The popular and proven gel is mainly of oak bark, which you can take with you everywhere and not have to spend time preparing sitz baths. This gel helps us but also, for example against excessive foot perspiration and
mycoses, or minor burns and sunburn easier.

Tea made ​​from oak bark
A decoction of oak bark can also be used internally, though now it is not as common drug, as before. This decoction can also reduce bleeding of internal organs, for example, served in bleeding in the digestive tract (in consultation with your doctor) or to reduce menstrual bleeding. Disinfection effect again treating food poisoning, catarrh and diarrhea, as well as more serious problems such as kidney inflammation and jaundice. Although at present this tea is used relatively rarely, some healers to keep coming back to it.

References: Medicinal trees and shrubs by herbalist Paul

The author Oak bark not only heals skin inflammations and hemorrhoids: Michaela Vorlová