Natural care for your hair, part 2 - From the outside

His hand slowly moved closer to her face. He paused. The sun, which shone directly into his eyes, made him hide in her shadow. Finally, look into her face. 'He smiles, it's good.' He approached his hand closer and gently stroked to sleep. Slowly his fingers into her hair. He wished that moment last forever. As if there was nothing around, only she, the sun and the soft touch. While the most admired and watched through narrowed eyes as you breeze plays with her curls. That so much of the sun shining. They were so soft and so supple as never nehladil ... 'Oh yes! How so? She has such a beautiful and silky hair! How's he doing? What the hell have you to give? '

It is not us little that we would like to have shiny, strong and thick hair. In the last article we talked about how their quality can largely affect the inside, that is what we eat and drink. Today we look at how to help our hair outside. So all those krepatým, dry, weak, falling or otherwise needy. Whether it's broken hair dyeing, steamed under cap, blown drying and other cosmetic modifications from heat, or just hair, where it is seen that would benefit the spa.

Henna is the most effective natural regenerator outside, I've met so far. Already only time that humanity uses it, speaks for itself. More than 5000 years, people pat her on the head, to regenerate hair and scalp. Serve them well like the color of the hair, which does not destroy, but rather strengthened. Known also called henna tattoos, painting nails, feet, hands and lips still lingering ways such as beautification in India. She also uses natural dyeing textiles. For all these purposes are mainly its dried leaves are crushed to a powder. It is then mixed with water, applied to the hair and skin. Henna, or Lawsonia in Latin, is a plant keřovitého type, usually around 1.5 meters tall, with green oblong leaves. Even in healing and medicine has its indispensable place, used to long list of ailments. But we are now interested in what he can do with our hair.

In our market, can be purchased in some drugstores, pharmacies, on the Internet and in some stores, focusing on Oriental and Eastern culture. Compared to the prices of miraculous chemically produced drugs to the hair, we can say that it is literally cheap. Regular price is somewhere between 50-200Kč for 1-2 applications. Purchase can be in the form of bark or hair color of the hair. Henna is available in three basic types and each type gives hair a different color. For blondes and blonds, I got one bad and one good news.

There hennova blonde hair color, blonde or the brunette did not, since it does not bleaching effects, has only dobarvovací. This means that it can be done from a reddish brown or darken to black, but nezesvětluje. Principal colors are red, black and colorless, their mixing can then change the hues. The good news here is that she exists colorless henna, which ou can use as therapeutic zest to any hair color. Which is certainly good news for men. Ž U in ancient times used the henna environ him directly as prevent balding. Dead hair follicles was probably wake up to life, but has a chance to live those lives longer and generally strengthen the hair. On the market are also on display products, such as shampoos and conditioners that have henna as one of its components. Perhaps some positive effect on hair they have, will certainly a good complement to our beauty equipment, but clean is most effective.

Function henna is probably such that we create the hair nutritious microscopic layer that protects, heals and acts against fraying and breaking ends. Hair is firmer after use, flexible and shinier. Just a beneficial effect on hair follicles, which, when applied nourishes and supports their circulation. Prevents dandruff, and even can get rid of them completely. It is also bactericidal, which means that it can destroy an intruder on the skin at t o Yet even to the room from the head. It sounds like a little head elixir that. Perhaps there is something to be. I can confirm from my own experience. For example, the hair damaged by chemical staining elixir it certainly is. The same experience I know with dandruff. That would take it to the head of the people did not give many millennia, if it was just "old wives 'superstition'.

The first is about surprising the recommended length of exposure to the hair, mainly in color. There are used for 30 minutes and quickly with the bottom, otherwise we will burn and destroy the hair. The henna is just the opposite. The longer, the better. Products that I use, say calmly to 6 hours, some even more. This means that it is good to make time for her, something like "this morning, not going anywhere." The frequency of its use is more or less does not limit, since it generally does not have any harmful side effects. Every month or a few times a year, it is up to each.

But mainly remember! Nelení ... who ... O)

The author Natural care for your hair, part 2 - From the outside: Michaela Vorlová