Natural care for your hair, part 1 - From the inside

This is one to envy sometimes fades when time monitors lady with long shiny curls as you like unwittingly pohazuje head and thick strands glide over her shoulders as living .. or perhaps we glimpse at some salons lion, how to casually hand passes thick mop with confident expression stallion .. Not everyone is given an endowed horsehair mane as thick, rich and vibrant, but what kind of crown I bear in mind, we are largely in their own hands.

The average number of hairs on your head man is somewhere between 100 000 - 150 000 Their rate of growth is individual, but generally gives about 1 cm per month. More people have blonde hair, even if it sometimes does not seem at first glance, because the lighter hair is thinner, which reduces the optical density of vegetation. Experts say that it is normal for us for one day from 80 to 100 hair fall out., But if we feel that our hair fall more than usual, or simply to see that we are on the head and interfere noticeably waning w ila their quality , it's time to start doing something.

There are a lot of factors that destroy the hair or cause their hair. Environment, stress, hormonal changes and disturbances, use of certain drugs and hormonal contraceptives, skin infections, and not least the lack of vitamins and minerals, poor diet and our lifestyle at all. Here, true old truth, both inside and outside. This means that changes for the worse inside our bodies manifest externally, just on our skin, hair and nails. If someone thinks that the situation will save just by purchasing precious miracle shampoos and lotions, so it is wrong. Deny them at least a partial effect, but if you do not give your body what it wants, we can pour it all forever and the miracle happens.

It is therefore necessary to our body adequately and regularly supply all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
A very important element for healthy skin, hair and nails is zinc. The recommended daily dose is 15 mg. An important source of zinc is pumpkin seeds, nuts, soy, legumes, fish and meat. The high zinc content has nettle, which can be taken internally as a tea or an ingredient in soups.
Another important element is iron. The most important source is red meat, spinach and green vegetables, whole grains, egg yolks, fish, coconut and poppy.
Also, selenium, for example, contained in garlic, tomatoes and yeast, is involved in the health of hair and skin.
Similarly, silicon, which is also called 'beauty mineral'. Growth and quality of hair but also nails, bones and teeth is essential. Its main and commonly available sources are nuts, apples, onions, whole grains, fish, cherries, carrots.
I potassium, essential for proper cell metabolism, help us. We find it particularly in sea salt and mineral waters from food then in cereals, nuts and seeds, in fruits and vegetables.
B vitamins are also essential for healthy hair. Brewer's yeast and yeast probably result in the richness of the "B", but also nuts, legumes, sunflower seeds and whole grains again. Is especially important vitamin B 2, which is essential for our body tissue repair.
If he had somehow summarize the above sufficient representation of minerals and vitamins in our normal diet, as it seems to be an optimal serving of wholemeal muesli with nuts and a few pieces of fruit and vegetables a day. Here and there some of that mineral, occasionally nettle tea. Nothing a man poisoned day or cost him any special effort. On the contrary, jumps not only our hair!

Since hair consists largely of protein, their diets are rich in this case also only good. This will serve as an ordinary gelatin food supplements for strengthening joints, or even jelly. Stronger natures can cook pig feet and crunch of cartilage of all kinds. After prolonged use we record not only stronger and shinier hair, but also improving the nails and skin, which strengthens their strength and elasticity. Common foods rich in protein are all kinds of meat, rice, beans, soy, nuts, eggs and dairy products.

Like any other body hair also requires adequate blood flow and supply the necessary nutrients. If not enough blood supply to hair root, does not receive the nutrients and oxygen and can falter and die. Blood supply to hair follicles can easily help a gentle massage. No rejdění and frantic scratching. Regular, gentle massage the scalp in circular motions of fingers promotes hair growth and improve their quality.
But there are plants that will help with blood circulation. For example, ginkgo biloba, maidenhair Czech dvojlaločný. The extract from the leaves of this ancient and beautiful tree, you can buy in any pharmacy and benefit not only our hair and skin. Due to the fact that it improves blood flow throughout the body and brain, is considered the "elixir of youth" and guardian of mental health.

So I wish you perseverance on your way to inner health for outer beauty .. and next time we'll look at how to strengthen our mane and oblažit outside.

The author Natural care for your hair, part 1 - From the inside: Michaela Vorlová