Natural care for dry hands - skin regeneration

One look at our hands tell us if they receive adequate care. Especially women, who often account for the bulk of care for the household, often suffer sometimes inappropriate "illness" - constantly dry skin on the hands. Today we have a few simple, natural recipes to restore her softness and smoothness.

Our hands are suffering daily effect a number of external factors, such as aggressive chemicals contained in products for washing dishes, damaging soaps and detergents, inclement weather, routine work at home or in the garden and so on. Skin on the hands is surely one of the least protected and most exposed areas of the skin of our body and at the same time it also many of us do not pay enough care and attention.

Today I prepared for you several proven and natural instructions on how to return your hands youthful appearance, smoothness and softness. As today's woman does not have too much time on his plantation, I chose recipes simple in both preparation and application.

The healing power of honey and olive oil
To begin with let us state one interesting natural recipe for smooth and very simple product which is suitable for a night wraps. We will need only two ingredients - honey and vegetable oil, either olive or quality sunflower (in both cases it chooses the virgin - cold pressed).
Honey, olive and sunflower oils are themselves amazing natural medicines that benefit our skin, is also known example of their application to frost, wind, high temperature or chapped lips. Their advantage is also very good tolerability and minimal threat of allergic reactions.
Recipe: In a small container, thoroughly mix one tablespoon of oil and one tablespoon of honey. This ointment then use it as hand cream, even larger effect will be but if it is applied as a wrap, preferably overnight. The hand skin Apply a layer of mixture and thoroughly rub, or add a little more. Then on your hands Slip of pure cotton gloves and leave overnight. Already after the first wrap is apparently our skin smoother and softer, for a striking effect of this unassuming repeat the procedure several times, and then always in the case of deterioration.
This recipe could be beneficial for people suffering from dry eczema. But be careful: for sure this first test the mixture on a small area of skin, at least 2 to 3 times before it will use a larger affected area.

Aloe for the regeneration of our skin
Another natural wonder for our skin is Aloe vera , which we have already written about in more detail in the previous parts of this series. Its tolerance is also very good if we keep important principle - applied to the skin, only the inner gel-like part of the leaf aloe, skin rather avoid. The application is again simple. Aloe leaf lengthwise, spoon Scrape the inner layer, and then elbowing into the skin.
The inner gel of the Aloe can also be mixed with virgin oil and vmasírovávat to dry skin. The effect is thus twofold - hydrating and greasing. Because mixed water-based gel and oil is not easy and we will help you a combination of both ingredients using conventional blender.
Almost the same effect as aloe has on our skin and houseleek .

Marigold ointment heals our skin for centuries
Mast of marigold is another effective herbal remedies for treatment of both dry and cracked skin, burns and eczema and some s. Previously commonly prepared home cooking marigold flowers in pork lard. Today, it may be produced using a rather different ingredients, such as petroleum jelly and various types of oils. Maybe we can buy it at any pharmacy, its price is compared to the overpriced "designer" creams with a long list of chemical ingredients more than favorable. Marigold ointment is a proven natural remedy generations, healing and well tolerated by people with very sensitive skin. We can either use it as a regular hand cream, or again the night wraps using gloves.

Recipes for regeneration of dry skin on my hands only, based on folk medicine, are numerous. It is often passed down from generation to generation within the family or region, so they are tested and proven. If you know one, share, certainly not the only one who like to hear about it.

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The author Natural care for dry hands - skin regeneration: Michaela Vorlová