Natural care for dry and sensitive skin

Do not like conventional cosmetics? You do not take the classic creams? Do you believe in natural ways of skin care? Or maybe you want to try something new?

Dry and sensitive skin requires unlike normal skin smooth and more care and more caution. Unfortunately Dry skin often has less elasticity, which could result in the neglect to premature wrinkling. Adequate hydration and nutrition in the form of skin creams, face masks and appropriate cosmetics premature aging can significantly trim nails.
Sensitive skin also has a tendency to allergic reactions, manifested by inappropriate application of redness and irritation. In the event of such a sensitive skin should avoid perfumed products with a high content of chemicals and cleaning water containing alcohol omitted entirely. Currently natural products with little or no chemicals are ideal for delicate skin with a tendency to allergic reactions and dryness.
Dry skin should regularly feed goodies to preserve its freshness and elasticity. Routine cleaning and greasing and use moisturizing creams should be obvious. Jena week we should treat our skin nourishing mask. In the previous article we mentioned a recipe for nourishing facial mask for dry skin , now, therefore, look at some other, purely natural products suitable for dry and sensitive skin, you can make yourself at home from commonly available ingredients.

Rose cleansing lotion for dry and sensitive skin
Recipe tested by an experienced and highly respected Czech herbalist Paul Vana.
Recipe: 2-3 handfuls of rose petals (can be from rose-hip), quality red or white wine, a larger sealable jar
- Rose petals cut finely, put into a glass and pour wine. Close the jar and let it stand for a week. After a week, strain, pour off leach into sealable container and store in a cool place. For use in dilute 1 part extract + 10 parts of distilled water. Skin rosewater can either wash or clean applications lotion on a cotton swab.

Gentle cleansing blend of yogurt and oatmeal
This cleaning mixture acts as a gentle exfoliator, which also cools and refreshes our skin.
Recipe: quality plain white yogurt (preferably organic without added chemicals), 2 tablespoons of oatmeal
- Mix oatmeal with yogurt and white to save 10 minutes in the cold, then in an even layer is applied to the face (or. Well as the neck and décolleté) and gentle circular movements massage the skin for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water.

Creams and cunning for dry and sensitive skin
Previously, it was common to use ordinary lard as a base for ointments and creams. After flooding the market chemicals to almost completely forgotten, but with the rise in popularity of natural respiratory care of our body begins to return to him as cosmetic industry and medicine. The reason is simple, lard contains chemical substances that the human skin can cause an allergic response and also has an amazing ability promašťovací and maintenance. It is very suitable for the production of natural herbal creams just for dry and sensitive skin. His production is not heavy, extra storage in the fridge for us long last, we reach for him, therefore, whenever we feel that our skin needs to feed heavily.

Natural cream / ointment marigold
This cream only significantly oils, also has a healing effect. It is suitable not only for dry and irritated skin on the face, but also for example, dry hands, elbows, heels, can help speed up the healing of burns, frostbite, chapped lips, scars and some types of eczema.
Recipe: 250g good quality pure lard, 2 heaping tablespoons of dried marigold flowers or a handful of fresh, sealable container for storing ointments
- Heat lard, toss it in herbs (fresh cut flowers), stir, let it boil briefly and the stove is not in use. Let mixture cool and store for 1-2 days in the refrigerator. Heat it again, strain through a thick cloth and store in a closed container in the refrigerator.

The author Natural care for dry and sensitive skin: Michaela Vorlová