Natural acne treatment - care for problem skin

.. Touch of nature to clean and healthy skin ..

In the last article we looked at ways to improve the internal condition of problematic skin. Today we look at how nature can help us in taking care of our skin from the outside ..

How to care for problem skin?
Sufficient hygiene for problematic skin would be commonplace. Formation those unpleasant pimples, pimples and enlarged pores and similar manifestations of acne can greatly accelerate and unpleasant bacteria that are found in our skin. During insufficient and improper hygiene, these bacteria proliferate, penetrate into the deeper layers of our skin enlarged pores, where they cause inflammation. It is therefore essential that these unwelcome guests as much as possible and regularly enough to eliminate cleaning skin. Skin should be thoroughly cleaned 2x a day - at bedtime, and then again in the morning, before the possible application of decorative cosmetics.

Acne is mostly associated with oily or combination skin. Owners of these types of skin often we can afford to use cleansing lotions containing alcohol - killer bacteria. Cosmetic products containing alcohol can some of us irritate and too aggressively. Even many other chemical ingredients of cosmetic products, such as preservatives, dyes, perfumes and synthetic ingredients at all, can cause allergic reactions and the condition of our skin worse. In such cases it is advisable to turn to softer natural cleansing cosmetics, indulgent also sensitive skin. In particular, our pharmacies and stores natural and herbal products today is not difficult to find products on purely natural basis. Another way is to prepare your own cosmetics, manufactured home, without chemical additives, and often at a much lower cost.

Herbs suitable for cleansing
For many herbs you can make at home in minutes natural cleansing water, which they use as much as we used to with lotions purchased at the store. Examples are:
Marigold , which has strong antiseptic and healing properties.
Alchemilla vulgaris is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory effects of external use.
Yarrow also has healing and antiseptic effect on the skin and also promotes blood circulation.
Chamomile our skin in addition to its antiseptic action also soothes, dries the skin too oily and contracts enlarged pores.
Sage has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, so it is used in many inflamed and non-healing minor skin injuries.
As we have previously mentioned, the infusion of these herbs can be used as a lotion, but their healing and cleansing action can also use the application in the form of tiles and leave for a few minutes on our skin.

For removal of dead cells, which also contribute to the formation of unpleasant symptoms of acne, it is appropriate 1-2x a week to make peeling skin. Jenoduchý, effective and gentle peeling we can make oatmeal, which leave 10 minutes to swell dissolved in white yogurt. Then the mixture is applied on the skin with circular movements massage the several minutes and finally rinse with lukewarm water.

Mechanical cleansing
Properly, we should not deprive ourselves inflamed pimples and enlarged pores all that squeezing, scraping nipanim .. but we know they do not leave the hands .. So if we do not give up .. it is important to observe proper hygiene. Always have against "intervention" to wash your hands and the affected area. Hands and skin, we must be washed thoroughly after the completion of the work, because the bacteria that nest inside the inflamed pore unwashed hands can easily spread to healthy areas of the skin. Treated area is then needed preferably with disinfected with alcohol or other antibacterial agent on the skin. Then there is hope that we will instead heal well.

Accelerate healing and regeneration of skin problem
For local use is one of the most effective helpers who accelerate and improve the healing of the skin, Mr. Zinc. The pharmacies can be purchased at a reasonable amount of lotions, emulsions and creams containing zinc, specially designed to promote skin healing. Personally, I can confirm that the use of these healing products is many times faster, and not only for acne but also for smaller skin lesions, and significantly reduces or completely prevents the formation of scars.
The commonly available herbs is then mainly plantain known for its significant healing effects. It's simple, you simply need a fresh plantain leaf crushed into a mushy mass, which for a moment attach directly to poorly healing place.
Regenerative medicine and greatly affect our skin has also aloe vera . Onu liquid gel from its leaves can be applied directly to the skin, or it can be mixed into facial masks, such as cottage cheese.

Recipe for infusion of herbs - lotion or poultice:
1 tablespoon dried herbs (from the above list) pour 0.2 liters of hot water, let stand for 10 minutes
- Infusion can be administered either as a lotion using a cotton swab, as a poultice or for washing the face and other parts of

Recipe for homemade facial mask for oily and problematic skin: this way

The author Natural acne treatment - care for problem skin: Michaela Vorlová