Mullein - gold that heals

It is called also royal candles, her long stems were once used as torches really .. was also a magical plant, supposedly to protect them from evil spirits and the devil .. We now effectively protected especially against cough, it is gold that heals ..

Mullein - gold that heals

Mullein is graceful and ornamental biennial herb that first year consists of basal plstnatých, like velvet leaves, and only the second year set off a massive flowering stem, which sometimes grows to a height of 2.5 meters.
We can find it on warm sunny places, on rocks, in fields, on the edge of forests, especially on the southern slopes, where they repeatedly vysemeňuje. It can also grow in the garden, it is important to give her a lot of sun, the dressing is easy and Moreover, it is very ornate.
There are many species of mullein, best known as Mullein Flower (s swathe á á), parviforum, black, decorative .. sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart and identify. It does not matter to us, because for therapeutic purposes can use any of them contained substances are almost identical.

How to properly collect and dried mullein
Even as early as the commonly used medicinal purposes and mullein leaves, now mainly collect the flowers, in the period from May to September. Mullein flower has a specific feature, opens in the morning and later that same evening fades, it is therefore necessary to harvest the plants gradually every day. We only collect the yellow flower of caps, which can be easily removed by pulling gently. Nemačkáme flowers and treat them very carefully.
Drying flowers should be as soon as possible, ideally within a day. The advantage is that it can also be dried in the sun, or at relatively high temperature in an open oven (60 ° C). If we turn brown when drying flowers, throw them, not mix well with the dried drug because we would thereby compromising. Properly dried flowers retain their yellow color.
Stores them in a well-hermetic containers, paper or cloth bags are not suitable, the drug was soaking in them and lost its effect.

Mullein is a proven remedy for cough
Mullein is a well known and very commonly used natural remedy for respiratory diseases, cough, bronchitis and also in relieving asthma. Ingredients effectively treat both dry and irritating cough and cough accompanied by a strong secretion. Mullein effect in this case is twofold, it supports the production of mucus, helping the body to get rid of it, thus improves expectoration. At the same time the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract forms a protective coating that protects them from drying and excessive irritation. Especially when inflammation of the upper respiratory tract us can be a great help, relieve pain, and whooping cough and shortens treatment time.
To this end, we drink tea from mullein flowers or herbal blends with its content. It is often combined eg with elderberry flower , nettle , fennel , chamomile, plantain , thyme , linden flower and so on. It can be found commonly in the bronchial mixtures and the pectoral teas purchased at a pharmacy.
Mullein tea is in the form of a pleasant taste, and children, and people who herbal tea 'may', are often willing to be used in times of illness. Diviznový we match tea with honey, herbal syrup, or at all. Pour extract through the thick filter, so get rid of any fine hairs that can irritate mucous membranes.

What other therapeutic effects of the mullein?
Mullein flower has other therapeutic effects on our bodies. Previously, often used to treat catarrh of the digestive tract, stomach, intestines and support treatment of diarrheal diseases. It also acts as a diuretic, also has a cleansing effect on the body.
Of divisions is attributed to even a slight antiseptic and antibacterial effect, both internally and for external use. For this reason, infusion, decoction or ointment from the flowers used to promote healing of skin wounds and poorly healing skin diseases.
Crushed mullein flowers, umíchané into pulpy mass, locally attach to phlebitis, varicose ulcers and hemorrhoids, and we can find products with the extract for the treatment of these problems.

If you are lucky and close to your home, this noble herb occurs, be sure nasus its gold reserve of medicinal flowers. Know that those few minutes a day spent their collection, you twice as rewarding.


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The author Mullein - gold that heals: Michaela Vorlová