Marigold heals not only our skin

In natural medicine has always been an important herb. Extracts of Calendula can also be found in many medicines used classical medicine. No wonder .. protects and heals our body and it is the true guardian and for healthy skin ..

Marigold grown with us since time immemorial. Previously, we hardly find garden at the village, where shines with bright yellow and orange flowers. But they are not just a feast for the eye. Substances contained in them can from our various body expelling intruders can encourage and heal.

Growing, harvesting and preservation of marigold
Marigold is a low-growing. When he provide enough sun, go for a few days without watering. For therapeutic purposes, either collect his whole flowers or just petals jazýčkovité tickets that have the highest content of active substances. Drying we had him in the dark or in dim light, which also applies to storage, because the light is rapidly losing its active ingredient.
For our body is of great importance both for internal as well as external use.

Indoor use calendula
Marigold is considered quite significant natural antibiotic, so it is a weapon against many, invisible to the naked eye potvůrkám, dotírajícím on our body. Internally it is most often used as a tea from dried drug. Regular drinking tea from this herb is a good eco l against certain bacteria, viruses, yeasts and detrimental to the digestive tract. It helps to heal the diseases of the digestive tract, such as inflammation and ulcers, stimulates the secretion of bile and the liver, so it is beneficial to our overall metabolism. Because it also promotes perspiration, it is suitable for colds. It is an important antioxidant that rids the body of free radicals, thereby protecting our body's cells from damage.
Natural healers are often prescribed to treat certain types of cancer, as well as traditional medical professionals, researchers are studying its effects against tumor proliferation and is often recommended as a supplement to conventional treatment.

External use calendula
Calendula is highly prized for its antiseptic, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Gently treat fungal skin infection for which conventional medicine often prescribe drugs with unpleasant side effects or limited duration of use. For these purposes, we may use both infusion and calendula ointment. Infusion as bath applied successfully suppresses unpleasant fungal diseases of reproductive organs.
Ointments and creams with marigold extract is very healing. They are used for inflammation of the skin, minor skin injuries, non-healing scars burns, frostbite, mold, sores, leg ulcers, varicose veins, ringworm, some types of eczema and the treatment of acne. Not only that kills harmful microorganisms, also promote the formation of new tissue, thereby accelerating the process of skin healing.
The affected areas can also use brine poultice of Marigold. This can be useful for the treatment and healing of acne skin, it is not good to use greasy cream.
Gargling with pickle treats inflammatory gum disease and neck in the event of a cold.

Both external and internal use marigold has one indisputable advantage. With this herb is generally not provide for any limitation of its dosage is generally very well tolerated and generally at her there are no side effects or allergic reactions.

In the last part of this series, we reported a recipe for cream / ointment of calendula , which is widely used in the treatment of many skin problems and can greatly improve the condition of our skin.

Recipe for Tea / Infusion: 1 heaped teaspoon dried drugs for a mug of hot water
- Drink warm tea 1-2 day infusion is used as a gargle or tiles

The author Marigold heals not only our skin: Michaela Vorlová