Lens - not only on your health New Year's table

According to our old folk tradition would on any New Year's board not miss a great deal of lenses, that we have in the coming year enough money .. after reading this article, you cook it but maybe more often - that you were healthy!

I know many people who over the lens "hitched up his nose" .. myself among them once belonged. It seemed to me perhaps too ordinary and taste not quite my taste. Since then, as meat disappeared from my plate, she became my great friend. I found that when veer bridle imagination can conjure from her delicious dishes .. and moreover extremely healthy!

Lentils are an excellent source of protein
Sharpen should now not only vegetarians, because they probably about the nutritional value of lentils already know .. The lens is a very rich source of the best essential acids, which our body converts to much needed protein. For vegetarians and vegans among other legumes lentils therefore particularly enjoys great popularity. Is also very beneficial to children during development, but equally to all age groups indiscriminately.

The lens will give you iron and many other important substances
Without a sufficient supply of iron from us easily become tired zombie, in his long absence we even avoid serious health consequences. The lens is one of the pulses being rich in this element, it is the right food for example people suffering from anemia. Especially women each month through menses lose blood, they should include in your diet literally regularity.
In a lens but there are many calcium, potassium, B vitamins and carotene for vitamin A synthesis. Contains fiber as well to cleanse our digestive tract from dangerous deposits and stimulates presitaltiku intestines.

Lens as a reservoir of zinc
Another, equally important element, richly contained in the lens is zinc. It is the guardian of our immunity and proper hormone production, significantly contributes to the synthesis of proteins and thus the health of our tissues, shows the level of insulin in the blood, and generally strongly supports the regeneration and recovery of our body. We all need zinc for children is important for proper mental and physical development, pregnant women need it in elevated doses for healthy fetal development, adult plays such an important role for fertility and potency, strong nerves and a powerful brain. If you regularly eat lentils, at least as part of other dishes, doing really a good job for our health.

Lens - injection energy for our brain and body
The lens is due to the high content of sugar rich food, which does not mean that we přibírali her. Gives our body much glucose - sugar, which is released into the blood stream, and wherever it is necessary to pump the amount of energy for operation. Our brain and muscles would have been without a regular supply of glucose to the virtually non-use, we felt tired, restless and overall attenuation. Saturation lens is unusual in the richness of this important sugar, so it is kind of injection of energy for the entire body.

How to cook lentils?
That is a much better lens soak for at least 2 hours before cooking, preferably overnight, it probably knows most of us. When cooking lentils but care should be taken one important rule - just soak lentils in cold water: If we watered it with hot water, even after a long cooking would remain relatively strong. For the same reason it is also better to add salt after some time of cooking. Shelled lentils, red and yellow lentils generally need less cooking time than other species.

How do you like most?
The lens can be adjusted in many ways, even if one prefers Czech classics - the sour lentils with sausage, or lentil soup. If we eat lentils often and only on the two most popular ways, it would soon cease to entertain us. But the advantage of lens is that it can be added to many dishes, such as soups, which would otherwise occur to us to give it even eg goulash soup, potato soup, etc. We can also prepare it spreads as an attachment to fit all kinds of meat and fish, even it can be done and meatless meatballs or meatloaf. There are also lots of recipes from Asia, where the pulses are very popular. Asians as it often combine with beans and rice, because such food is very nutritious and healthy.

Personally, I prefer it adjusts as spicy soup with tomatoes, chilli and grated cheese, in addition, as I know, it tastes like and those who over her otherwise too do not jump with joy.
If you have any interesting, well-proven and popular recipe for its modification, share, certainly I do not like to leave inspired.

Although the lens will hardly provide material wealth, your health will benefit .. And both the New Year and throughout the year ..


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The author Lens - not only on your health New Year's table: Michaela Vorlová