Lavender - healing touch for restless soul and body

According to its distinctive and unmistakable smell you recognize it even with my eyes closed .. and he might not even want to open .. Lavender is a caress for the restless soul, lavender journey into dreams .. it is an amazing herb that treats you just by smelling ..

In connection with lavender, we probably think of France and its vast lavender fields with regular long rows of silvery bushes with dark purple flowers. Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region, but also for its great popularity from there spread throughout Europe, parts of Asia and certainly in other continents. It can be found in a large number of species and color varieties, the most popular include lavender medical, širokolistá, Spiked, jagged, etc., we can meet with lavender blooming white and pink. It is a very popular plant, both for decoration, medicinal effects, such as spices, but also for further processing in the cosmetics and drugstore industry.

For its strong aroma of lavender was already popular in times long past, the dried flowers sprinkled around the house to freshen the air and as a protection against insects. Lavender bunches or bags to localize dressers as protection against moths and embalming services. Also adding to baths and soaps, to perfumes, lotions and fragrances olejíčků.

How to properly grow lavender
This plant likes sun and lighter sandy and alkaline soils, if we can get her such conditions to ensure we reward exuberant and richly flowering shrub. Some species of lavender are more sensitive to frost, you need to pass the winter in the background, or drape, medical lavender Although not normally even freezes around -15 ° C or more. In the spring, it is important to cut bush to re densely overgrown, but not until close to the ground. He does not need too much watering, can withstand quite a long time without moisture, without the sun, however, languished.

When it comes time to harvest ..
Lavender blooms normally depending on the type and conditions from June to August. Inflorescences or whole stems with flowers we harvest just before flowering, when we harvested only at the time of flowering or after, after drying will fall apart. Stems with flowers should be dried preferably tied to smaller flowers and hanging, then inflorescence itself in a thin layer on racks or paper. Dried flowers for tea store the good in hermetic containers to maintain their aromas.
We can collect leaves from spring to autumn, fresh and dried in home conditions are mainly used as a spice.
Healing is most important effect of calming lavender, both for internal and external use.

Healing effects of lavender for internal use
Dried flowers are traditionally used for making tea, which has relaxing and calming effects. This tea is suitable wherever we struggle with ailments such as insomnia, nervousness, stress, depression, feelings of tension, headache, unpleasant conditions during menopause and so on. Lavender tea is useful in digestive problems, helps with nausea, flatulence and stomach and intestinal colic. We can also add it to herbal tea to treat colds diseases associated with respiratory problems, such as tonsillitis, flu, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, and the like.
In pharmacies and specialized stores can also buy lavender extracts, tinctures and oils, it is always necessary to check if they are intended for indoor use and follow the indication prescribed. Pregnant women should use lavender should rather avoid.
In the Mediterranean, the lavender leaves are used as a spice in stews, to adjust the fish and grilled and roasted meats, for its bitter taste and strong aroma is needed with her ​​husband.

Healing effects of lavender when applied topically
Inhaled aromatic lavender essential oil is the perfect balm for the troubled soul. Pads and bags filled with dried lavender flowers have always been help people suffering from insomnia, stress, depression, and headaches. Previously worn on the neck or in his pockets, something that is no longer true today meet again, but we have a lot of preparations and products containing lavender, which we prove at least as good service. Buy now or we can simply make it the aforementioned pillow stuffed with dried lavender and put it under his pillow, his smell us pleasantly relax and make us fall asleep. Sought after are the essential oils in lamps, potpourri, relaxing bath additives, soaps, body creams and oils when making a purchase to pay us to look at the quality and rather choose a natural product from a proven manufacturer.

Lavender has a protective effect when applied to the skin. At the time of the plague, it was believed that when washing hands in water with lavender people to avoid infection. The truth is that the substances contained in lavender protects the skin from excessive multiplication of harmful microorganisms.
Dried lavender flowers sometimes found in herbal recipes for the treatment of problematic skin, such as for the treatment of acne or eczema.
Special creams, oils and alcohol extracts of lavender are used for massage for rheumatic pain or for muscle relaxation, some for gentle massage of skin on the forehead and temples migraine.

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The author Lavender - healing touch for restless soul and body: Michaela Vorlová