Juniper - against rheumatism, gout and dropsy

Already Hippocrates knew the healing power jalovčinek, strongly flavored with juniper berries. Although it is used mainly as a spice that goes very well with the flavor of game, we využí their forces to treat joint problems, urinary tract inflammation and infectious diseases.

Juniper museum and gardens meet either tree or bushy shrub. Its very hard and prickly needles are silvery-green color. Juniper wood was previously mined for carving, healing, or eg for smoking meat because it adds a special, typical flavor, but today is our proprietary juniper plant, because of its occurrence in the wild has become a rarity.

Juniper berries, round and solid juniper berries, which are green the first year, then in the second year to ripen in autumn and become frosted, purple-black color. It is in this period is collect setřásáním best of the branches, or carefully using a solid glove rob. Thoroughly, then store the dried juniper berries in a hermetically sealable container, where we last several years.

Juniper - what is its strength?

The most important ingredients in jalovčinkách are undoubtedly essential oil, giving it distinctive, spicy, sweet resinous aroma. They include pinene, camphor, kadinen, terpinol, borneol and others. Sweet taste of these fruits supplying sugars - glucose and fructose, also contain oil, bitter, resin and even vitamin C, and some trace elements. This very rich cocktail of substances jalovčinkám gives a wide variety of effects and swallowed ..

Juniper berries and their use in medicine
Juniper was already used in ancient times as a medicine and disinfectant, even against such diseases as plague, treated him and pets. Today, for example, applied in medicine to support the treatment of joint diseases such as gout, rheumatism and arthritis, most often in the form of spirituous tincture as lubrication of the joints, or as an additive in the bath. Indeed stimulate local circulation, thereby relieving the pain and improve the metabolism of the affected tissue.
Their next action is diuretic - helps drain excess fluid from the body, thus they are used for dropsy and detoxify the body. Also have a positive effect on digestion, and flatulence, and improve digestion heavier meals.

When the juniper rather avoid?
Juniper is one of those plants whose overuse it would hurt us. Great care should give especially people who suffer from kidney problems, infections, or their lack of features - they should not take juniper berries at all. Likewise, pregnant and nursing women, because at the higher dose threatened miscarriage or fetal transfer of toxic substances in breast milk. Even though we do not belong to these risk groups, we should use juniper berries for a limited time, preferably in the form of 2-6 week crust and then for a time discontinued.

Juniper in Aromatherapy
The richness of the juniper essential oils, resins and oils makes it quite important plant for aromatherapy. Essential oils of juniper are recommended for a wide range of health problems, but we make sure the dosage and duration of application. It acts as a tonic, diuretic and have a disinfecting effect. Application method we choose according to the type of disease - suitable for massage, compresses and inhalations. It is recommended as the treatment of cough and respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, already mentioned dropsy and joint problems and acne and dermatitis.

Juniper - for wilderness or gin
We must not forget the importance jalovčinek as spices in our regions inherent to edit the game, find it in some recipes for preparing sauces and marinades, even as the loading sauerkraut.
Juniper berries are also essential in the liqueur making, our English gin gin or just based on their distinctive and unmistakable aroma.

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The author Juniper - against rheumatism, gout and dropsy: Michaela Vorlová