Jewish gooseberry cherry - gout and rheumatism

Juicy and delicious fruit, hidden deep inside the orange lanterns gooseberry, but acknowledged the healing power .. Detoxify our body and help with gout, arthritis, rheumatism and kidney problems and urinary tract ..

Jewish gooseberry We found at many garden is known primarily as a decorative plant. Sometimes it can come across in the wild, most often in ways beyond the fences of gardens on the edge of forests or in the rubble, etc.
This perennial plant, growing up to 1m, is popular for its decorative "lampiónkům", which acquire significantly during ripening orange. Within these vesicles found a round orange fruit - the Jewish cherry, juicy ball diameter of about 2cm, which is edible, tasty and extra healing ..

Jewish Cherry heals joints and detoxifies the body

Jewish gooseberry fruits are very rich in vitamin C, contain him even more than lemons. For us, however, is most beneficial combination of substances with the detoxification effect. Gooseberry is known mainly as a natural remedy to treat gout and joint problems, because it can dissolve and release of hazardous salt of uric acid, which are established in the joints and tissues. These salts are the cause of painful days and also worsen the course of rheumatism and other joint problems. Consuming fruits gooseberry, or the use of products with the extract, so naturally we can help with the treatment of these very unpleasant disease.

Gooseberry against swelling and problems with bladder
Jewish Cherry can help us even if you suffer from water retention in the body and swelling in the joints and limbs. Also has a beneficial effect on the urinary tract and kidneys clean from salt and other deposits .. For this purpose, also used in homeopathy, homeopathic remedies with its extract are prescribed even for the treatment of jaundice.

Edible or poisonous?
Maybe you ever heard that Jewish gooseberry fruits should not be consumed because it is threatening poisoning. This statement is not true, but if we keep a few principles. The truth is that the Jewish Cherry is not in terms of contained by a substance not yet fully explored fetus. As an aubergine plant contains certain alkaloids that are at high doses can cause poisoning lighter, accompanied by vomiting, etc. But if we eat only fruits fully mature and strictly avoid eating other parts of plants, there is no danger to us, and we can calmly enjoy healthy.

Jewish cherry on its taste
Orange gooseberry fruits are very juicy balls with original flavor, perhaps slightly reminds kiwi. Exotic taste and pleasant aroma behind their attraction for gourmets who willingly as in fruit salads or to decorate sweets. Fruits gooseberry also like to use to decorate alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, meat and cheese platters and appetizers and many other culinary creations, where interestingly extend and enrich the variety and contrast of flavors.

Jewish gooseberry is a pleasure to the eye
Dried gooseberry stems with orange flowers in the shape of some lanterns are very popular as a decoration. They are used in floral bouquets and arrangements, which will last us many years, because they retain shape and bold color for a very long time. The actual dried flowers can be used in decorative bowls with dried flowers and pot pourri , suitable even as ornaments on a Christmas tree or wreaths bound to revive.

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The author Jewish gooseberry cherry - gout and rheumatism: Michaela Vorlová