Into the new year full of healthy resolutions? Weight loss or a New Year ..

Looking for a recipe to lose weight? how to wash over their own gluttony? .. Forget guaranteed tutorials ala "nothing for breakfast lunch and some water" .. the only right way is to follow the voice of his own body ..

We know that New Year's resolutions .. how to lose weight how to stop smoking, how we run and jump and swim and exercise .. the more the better .. passion and enthusiasm we often only lasts a few days, weeks at best, only the fittest endure really ..

What is your New Year's resolutions? .. if you have any ..
Personally, I do not do it .. known weak strength of his will .. and usually when you are going to cut into some of their customs and habits, you choose to do any day .. Only time will tell if I can properly wash over and break some of its abuses and disastrous business as stereotypes - we are all just people that ..

But many of us enter the symbol of the new year certainly helps with the awareness of the changes you would like to let you into their lives. If you are one of these people, if you know that your self-control can hinder a sweet tooth, limber lazy body adhering to the couch in front of TV, guess last cigarette, cancel clinking bottles in storage pantry .. let your intentions and believe that it can, act as if it already happened .. otherwise chances are small.

After Christmas, when most of us spend whole days visiting friends, relatives, friends, drinking and eating for two three .. A common New Year's resolution is to then .. "Lose weight!"

There's no point dlouhosáhle disassemble, who really needs it and who just jealously and monitors nestřízlivě skinny body celebrities and models in magazines with a desire to look like their skeletons covered with skin .. Some people are among us, for which their extra pounds begin to make a real threat to their health, overweight are truly dangerous diseases of the body, its effects over time, we necessarily reflected by often very dangerous, sometimes fatal health complications.

Someone will say, 'lose weight 20 pounds!' .. lose 20 pounds? 20 pounds of what? Fat? Muscle? Water? .. else will say 'lose weight 5 pounds!' .. question is the same .. 5 pounds of what?

Drastic diet .. diet is poor, and to all long for nothing. We drained muscle mass and water from the body, unfortunately, vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for proper organ function, decisions are sugar and fat metabolism with all applicable consequences later .. ask those who took them noted that the yo-yo effect after a few such attempts at weight loss keeps "teeth-nails." is the only proper diet conscious meals, which means one thing - it just as much as my body is able to burn, and At the same time sending him enough substance that it needs for its proper operation and functioning.

When we eat sensibly, we know the needs of your body, you feed him plenty of vitamins and minerals, powering it necessary amount of water when your body know and honor its needs it to us in turn allows occasionally worries, sin, "rig up higgledy-piggledy "forgive us a few days in an orgy of tables overflowing with the sign of the charge sandwiches, appetizers, steaks, candies .. Although with a little struggle, but forgive us .. it is strong enough to keep the situation under control .. knows that he again start sending what it wants and what it needs ..

In our region, we are among the fortunate inhabitants of this planet - suffer from hunger .. on the contrary, looking into our streets rather it seems to suffer from excess.
There is nothing wrong with that one enjoys what he likes .. But it is wrong to ignore your own body's signals that something is wrong. It is in itself tells us what they need and what can not bear is just us how we can listen to him, even if its signals can not perceive. They are such little things like that to somehow breathe heavily stairs that run up the hill seems like a superhuman power that we woke up too much swollen .. After some eating us heartburn, so there toss a teaspoon of baking soda and going on .. Blood pressure we flew over the red line normal, so we go to the doctor, but he told us to prescribe something .. and going on ..
Yet .. just that she is a sign which tells us the body that something is wrong, that something is missing or vice versa dwells.

The human body is an ingenious creation is amazingly sophisticated machine to us in the form of feelings and sensations gives signs, how to treat him, what he likes, what he does not like .. People will excuse the time, the conditions of the money to everything possible .. but often do not do it just right, do not listen to him. doing without him and without his health, we would have a chance to benefit, enjoyment of life and feeling good about yourself ..

Wishing bright impressions and will listen to yourself ..

The author Into the new year full of healthy resolutions? Weight loss or a New Year ..: Michaela Vorlová