How to "ghost"

What exactly are those farts, fart, winds and ghosts? One can be a good one in the nose or schroustá much fresh kale and his body will reward belly like a ball. It then has one afraid to move rapidly, or perhaps raise a little voice to accidentally destroy a career in dealing with the headmaster or perhaps too soon neomráčil Miss what you're trying to pack on the bar.

In the majority of cases are caused by the body itself can not fully cope with the digestion of what we ate. This may be the case that almost every nadýmají, such as cabbage, beans, broccoli, onions .. But someone still all vegetables. Someone turn dairy products, bread, cakes and meat. Someone nothing. And someone almost everything. That would be probably better to jump masters for doctors. What is certain is that if you belly swell and feel uncomfortable perform, you need to banish the ghosts out of the body! They are jeduplyny rather nehýčkat them too. As already said our grandmothers .. better one fart than ten doctors!

So if we are among those who are just here and there "inflate", but not going to deny it, our bodies can be quite easily and naturally to help.

One of the most famous natural deaerators is certainly fennel and fennel tea for this feature gives it its miminům. That works, I can tell you all the moms.
Another tea that makes you just as good service, the tea of peppermint. Not only that expels gases from your tummy, but also soothes the stomach. And it tastes great, so who does not like fennel, peppermint highly recommend!
A chamomile. It is also a great friend!
It is best to mix these three and have a nice cup after a good lunch. This power strokes belly inside.

But we also have available a lot of spices and herbs, which, if we add to foods, improves its overall spending, reduce production and improve expelling gas.

For example, cumin. We use it almost daily in many foods, such as cabbage, potatoes, the meat, baking .. Not only do they deliver excellent food earthy pungent flavor, but just help with his digestion. Is there such as cabbage is really needed. Cumin is also one of the components of a well-known spice called curry.
Another herb that has been used since ancient times as a spice and nicely us airing belly is basil. It originally came from India and Egypt to become the great love of Italians. With a strong rise in popularity of Italian cuisine quickly enjoyed great popularity in our country. Basil on pizza, in sauces, salads, meat - fresh or dried - and it is a great help.
Likewise oregano. The scent of the Mediterranean and Asia. What would be a pizza without oregano. A tummy loves him.
Like its cousin marjoram. It is used here much longer and Czech cook it without it could easily wrap. Goulash without marjoram, it would not even stew. Its taste is in our kitchen almost indispensable. A helemese she and expels spirits from the body. Glory marjoram!
And Mr. Dill! Dill sauce all know someone like her, some less. I personally less, but for example, pickled cucumber dill no, I can not even imagine. In addition, the ghosts are afraid of him!

Well, to be shaken out of the most successful, and it happened while we chosen, we can support the whole process even a small movement exercises! Any movement in the event of us feel "nadmutej goat as" just good. The first thing you will find privacy and in that room a nice open window! Outside we have not optimum. And we will give you 15 squats, proper nice, until it stops. Ladies can smoothly follow dance moves, belly dancing I saw in this case as optimal. Feel free to churn your hips! Nicely focused and in all directions! Lords then dopuručuji Kozáček. With proper Slavic temperament! If you are physically fit so well, you can rear support arms and boldly kicks. For the relief it is!

So I wish you much splasklých, happy and satisfied bellies.

The author How to "ghost": Michaela Vorlová