How and when to go for herbs

Are you one of those who believe in the healing power of herbs? You've decided that you establish your own fragrant pharmacy? With the taste of it! It's nothing you can not handle! Just need to know a few basic rules ..

Where to hunt?
Certainly in a clean environment, it means that we avoid the roadside, near factories, landfills, or similarly potentially chemically contaminated territories, because the plants themselves are often in very easily absorb harmful chemicals from the environment. Suitable are not frequent parks or near chemically treated fields. Ideally, such a forest meadow near D & L from the road. True, n e always such encounter, or on growing what just looking, but the cleaner the environment, the better.

If you grind your teeth at a particular herb and do not know where it grows, zalovíme atlases or the Internet. We'll find out what it looks like its natural habitat occurrence, and wanted us to help her directly in nature. We will then look to be thyme in a swamp, but we'll go and look at the sunny side of the forest.

What to collect?
It is up to each of us that wants or needs the herb to take home at your fingertips. When collecting but care must be taken to bring home a good catch. We'll avoid rostlinkám that are in any way contaminated, stained, bitten, dirty, or occupied by a number of all kinds of insects .. Not a very pleasant home to unpack luggage full of honey, ants, spiders, aphids, and who knows what else. Mold infestation or other monster is safe to reveal the naked okouknutím if the plant is wearing some strange spots or color, look for the others.
It is certainly advisable to have your pocket atlas herbs, firstly for the precise determination of the plants, but also because of the way we come across another useful herb with the help of an atlas to identify it. Although the substitution of herbs us so there is no significant risk, as for example mushrooms confusion, we collect only the ones that we know with certainty.

When to go hunting?
Collection of specific herbs is important timing. The content of the active substances in individual plants during the vegetation varies, so it is good to know that they have the greatest strength. If we missed a season nutritious, in most cases, the price still collect herb and dry, even when the content of important substances will be slightly lower. In case of collection of flowers is the timing even more important, especially for plants that bloom only once a year.
Generally then publish collect in dry weather, not in the morning when the dew is on the plants, not even after the rain. Wet herbs can easily attack the fungus and thus canceled.

What to collect?
Bucks herbalist in fairy tales are often depicted with a basket on her back, basket in hand, or your catch pickpockets to poke under her apron. In this we have had to take an example. Baggage, in which the herbs properly stored during collection should be primarily air to avoid evaporating and the devaluation of our catch. Baskets, bags and canvas bags, or even stripped sweatshirt, they are certainly better than a plastic bag. If it happens that we are forced to save the plants just in the plastic bags, because nothing else is at hand, certainly we should leave as much open so it can circulate air.

What to collect?
Hands, of course, unless we wanted to graze straight. If you are going to reap the stinging, or prickly plants such as nettle and hawthorn, equip the gloves. We can also pack your scissors or a knife, but most obdurate herbalists will probably tell you that metal tools to collect used. Previously herbalist herbalists and crone believed that intercourse with herbs metal it invalidates and moving in her power. Some would certainly believe today, that others may laugh, each as it feels.

How to collect?
It depends on which part of the plant she is healing. Some herbs are the flowers in other leaves, stem, whole aboveground part, or just the root, in some cases, the entire plant is root. Flowers such as dandelions, daisies and the like, slice off two fingers under the banner, flowers nettle, mullein and they like separated from the plant by simply pulling it with the flower cup. harvest leaves as it goes, slice off, scrubs down against the direction of growth, stem or tearing at the ground, according to construction plant. vydolujeme Root preferably using any suitable equipment. But whether any part of the plants we harvest, we should do it with respect to her, do not rock too, you do not consume and destroy other parts of the plant, if it is not needed.

After a few attempts you will each find their own style. And not only that. Although it might seem at first glance, very fast greens of your hunting expeditions can become true passion: o)

For those who are at the beginning of its medicinal aromatic adventure, even just a little advice .. initially it is advisable to start those herbs that safely know that just can not be confused with anything and whose subsequent use hiding any significant adverse effects on our health . One of them, such as dandelion , plantain, nettle, thyme, chamomile, elder, nettle and other commonly known herbs.

About them and many others surely will discuss some of these sequels to this series. In the next part we will see how our catch properly dried and stored to sleep.

The author How and when to go for herbs: Michaela Vorlová