Hot chilli peppers - cayenne medicinal

Someone loves them, another guard them .. We respect them but we all have. Chilli peppers are irreplaceable spices, natural aphrodisiac, stimulant of digestion and effective treatment not only for rheumatism ..

Chilli peppers are another of the spices that are not only more pleasant dining experience. Their positive and healing effects people knew from their original homeland - South and Central America already thousands of years ago.

What gives papričkám their strength?

Fiery hot peppers shrubby fruits contain a substance capsaicin, which is significant both for their fervent, and for many soothing and healing effects of this popular spice in many ways irreplaceable. Onu active ingredient a plant probably created to protect against consumption of herbivorous mammals, such as birds do not feel tingling and burning. Papričkám Capsaicin also helps with resistance to attack by fungi and bacteria, as well as in human body disinfectant. It is understood that in many areas of the world where it is slightly harder to maintain hygiene in food storage and treatment, helping the intensive use of chilies and peppers to protect against possible infection and food poisoning.

Chilli peppers are beneficial to our digestion
Another advantage of using chilli dishes when editing is to improve their digestibility. Support is the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach and gall bladder and thereby help us with digestion fatter and heavier foods. In moderate amounts have a beneficial effect on the intestinal mucous membrane, which improves its function. Overall, promote blood circulation in the digestive tract, which stimulates the metabolism.

Chili is an aphrodisiac that will keep you warm and encouraging
Chili peppers burn us in the mouth and warms the body .. it's not just figuratively speaking. Namely capsaicin stimulates blood circulation and thus the blood circulation throughout the body. Their stimulating effect will confirm many of the spice lovers who seek him not only because of the taste, but also for a sense of increased energy after eating properly spiced food.
Hot peppers are therefore also considered to be an aphrodisiac, improving blood circulation increases the sensitivity of the genitals. Chilli is so supportive and natural way to improve the potency and increase libido.

Do you have rheumatism? Grease the hot pepper ..
This, however, do not mean quite literally .. rather choose the product containing extract chilli. Stimulative effect on our blood circulation is also works when applied to the skin, the active ingredient so we can locally route to the tissues. Especially people suffering from inflammatory disease of joints - arthritis benefit from this effect, improves blood circulation so affected joint, making it warm up and relieve the pain. Stimulation of blood circulation in the joint and surrounding tissue means better metabolism and accelerate the healing of inflammation.

Goulash would not be without them stew
Chilli, or very finely ground dried peppers, called cayenne in many countries are absolutely essential and traditional spices, without which the dishes completely lost its typical taste. Especially in Asia and Latin America are chili ingredients everyday use. They are also part of the seasoning mixture and products such as curry and Tabasco. Preserve the drying, handling in vinegar or oil, adapted to the paste and sauces, it even freezes.
In Europe, we also use chili peppers for many generations. Goulash without them, not stew, sausages losing its vigor. Pepperoni and chilli have their place especially during editing meat and sausages, as well as the preservation of vegetables and fish and is perfect seasoning also legumes, vegetable dishes and soups. They can be found even in the preparation of some recipes gourmet candies, and cocktails. Aroma pepper has its place even in the production of perfumes, it is less pleasant to meet with the so-called Kasr - serving spray for self-defense, which without chilli certainly lost its effectiveness.

In conclusion, we show one type to relieve burning in the mouth, though somewhat overdoes dosage .. Capsaicin is a substance soluble in fats, so it is more efficient to rinse your mouth with milk than water. We also try yogurt, or mouth while chewing a piece of cheese. I experienced some chilli lover snaps his power, not in vain, he also says "Devil Spice"

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The author Hot chilli peppers - cayenne medicinal: Michaela Vorlová