Honey as disease prevention, the protector of immunity and cure

Honey is recognized and valued worldwide medicine for several thousand years .. is a concentrated extract of the flowers and plants, all-natural elixir of our health ..

In the last part of our series we have in the article " Med - a precious gift from the bees 'explained something interesting from the fundamental processes associated with the production of honey and its distribution. In this work, a closer generations medicinal properties of honey on the human organism.

What honey contains?
Basis honey are sugars, and especially the so-called fast, fructose, glucose and sucrose. For our organism is easy to work with rapid release into the blood, acts as an immediate source of energy. Honey is also a source of protein, the amount depends on the type of honey, it is widely stated that the higher protein content of the honey nectar (floral). Honey contains a long list of important vitamins and minerals, are as vitamins A, C, some B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12), vitamin D, K, E .. of minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, silicon, iron .. Furthermore, we find substance in it as royal jelly, amino acids, pollen, essential oils, from an overall perspective therefore it is an amazing cocktail of vital and health beneficial substances. Effects of honey on human health are more than beneficial, it is often called the elixir of health and longevity. Let's take a look at what they can do ..

Honey as a natural antibiotic
Honey is considered one of the strongest natural antibiotics, is known for its ability to kill bacteria. Before people started using chemically manufactured antibiotics, honey was an integral part of domestic pharmacies. All certainly know at least one of the old and the best recipes for treating respiratory diseases, when the honey is served alone or in combination such as herbal tea, onions, garlic, licorice, ginger, lemon, hot milk and many other ingredients, accelerating healing. These recipes may vary literally 'house to house', it is certain that they work. Med to its composition demonstrably destroy a relatively large group of microorganisms with which our body can not cope, while not harmful side effects of chemical antibiotics. Whether we use it in any way, alone on a spoon or in a favorite recipe, the important thing is to start to use it in time, already at the first sign of illness, and then regularly several times a day until the patient recovers. (When using honey as a sweetener in hot drinks, it is important to know that at temperatures higher than 45-50 ° C destroys the active ingredients, so never do not give honey to hot tea, but while we wait.)

Honey and immunity
Regular use of honey, but we can also prevent diseases, honey is an effective prevention of colds, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and upper respiratory tract infections, colds and so on. Because microorganisms causing these diseases can destroy it in the bud, preventing their reproduction and spread in the body. At the same time thanks to many, the above-mentioned substances contained effectively strengthens our immune system, supplying us with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc., improves the function of our internal organs and body active and resilient overall. Honey is regarded as an effective prevention of lifestyle diseases, and even more thanks to his ability, he is cleaning the body from free radicals and sediments.

Honey heals and our skin
Thanks to its antibiotic effects of honey for several millennia acknowledged drug use as well as the external. It is used for poorly healing skin lesions, ulcers in the treatment of various skin conditions, accelerates the healing of burns and frostbite, bedsores, regenerates quickly as dry lips and skin of the whole body. However, its use is quite simple as it applied in a thin layer on the skin and allowed to remain, in more complicated cases which require a longer treatment, we can use it for a long time in the form of tiles and wraps. Its effect in the treatment of skin is twofold. Sanitize the affected area, destroying the invaders and prevent their replication, so it is anti-inflammatory. But it moisturizes and nourishes the skin with its rich composition, thus regenerating.
To its effects, honey gained great popularity also in cosmetics. They are made from it skin creams, lip pomades, shampoos and hair conditioners, shower gels and soaps, face masks, and so on.

List the positive and healing effects of honey on our body is really long, let us therefore some more of them at least in a simple overview:

helps with insomnia, nervous tension, stress, depression and migraines nervous origin, soothes and improves mood is effective as a means of supporting recovery after disease, operative interventions or when a significant strain on the body accelerates the healing of gastric ulcers, improves digestion it helps prevent certain types of cancer (eg, colon cancer) is regarded as an aphrodisiac and "pick" cleanses our body from free radicals, detoxifies it, as it helps with hangovers and consequences of poisoning cholecystitis heals and regenerates our liver regulates high blood pressure, expands and cleans the arteries and strengthens the heart

I recently heard a lady remark at the store, she complained how expensive the honey that you prefer buying several pounds of sugar. Honey is not only a common sweetener, honey is a concentrated extract of the flowers and plants, it is a purely natural elixir of health, which should not be missing in our diet, because of its effects on our health is such a thing as white refined sugar, absolutely can not be compared.

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The author Honey as disease prevention, the protector of immunity and cure: Michaela Vorlová