Herbs and win over a hangover

Geez it hurts cone .. already in your life will not drink, these states simply hate .. that I was about to leave again demolish .. Well I do not even get up to me humming in my head .. and all day in the sack. I should eat something .. not thought of. My stomach knocking a miniature pinscher.

Well, what should I do then? What to do with a monkey, as we sat in the neck and now it seems that we have all it takes another day to re-activate to normal?

First, perhaps what she is, the hangover. It's such a minor alcohol poisoning. We just got it into your body so much that he not managed to eliminate. Hence the head, hence the stomach on the water, and therefore those heavy limbs. In the body of us consumed alcohol and neodbouraného overnight created acetaldehyde, and he simply said, poisoned our cells. Acetaldehyde has such a distinctive odor, surely you're it from someone in the morning feeling that .. such that "From there, it stretches but" .. so he is. He must get out of the body quickly. He made ​​us this corpse.

We pretty much have two options. Either you keep passively and let the hangover subside gradually, which means rolling in a daze, šklebení the adjacent neighborhood, growl and whine for many hours. Rather, all day, depending on how much and what we were hacked. Or, on the contrary, we can "vzmužit" and fight. For fighters I've got a few tips, some certainly know others maybe not, but judge for yourself.

First, it is best to drink at least a liter of water. And preferably with lemon, nicely ragout, no sugar. We grin without lemon, or with it. In this situation, I did not think too much. It's what we wake up nicely! So the whole lemon. Well, unless we have lemon, swallow vitamin C. As stated in Article Banish apothecary without spring fatigue , do not be afraid of him, because it can not be overdosed.

Oxygen! Yes, the body and the brain at the moment they need a lot of oxygen. The room in which he was živoříme, open the window wide. Stand right in the middle, for security reasons, nevykláníme and just so we're looking at, what was šustne. The brain is now in a state where it can process only a little information, so I gave so zevlování fifteen minutes. Smooth slow start.

Shower! She will be blood pumping. Perhaps it would not be totally hot, because hot water can already tired body even more tired. Lukewarm shower might not be to everyone's taste, but now it is our task again get back on its feet. A lukewarm can. Face but cold! So, how should it be indeed every morning.

A boil your tea. Some prefer coffee, I can not talk to anyone. Coffee is not quite optimal, if a person is very sick to your stomach. In this case, the preferred tea, it is still kinder to our stomach. So from what you cook it to us and flavorful lahodilo. Peppermint is great! It always can caress the inside. Thus format. Certainly chamomile. Alleviates headaches and soothes digestion. Nettle us turn a lot of that will help with flushing of acetaldehyde from the body. A green tea, important natural antioxidant which accelerates our overall regeneration. We can use any of these herbs alone or mix freely. If we all mix from each one heaped teaspoon per liter of boiling water for 15 minutes, we can send the body this handy green scoring drive.

If you are now able to feel at least a simple action, the first I saw cooking. The very simple. Garlic soup. From my own experience I know that after a proper strength of this recovery is not soup. We can give it to melt the cheese to soften a bit, he would not hurt us. But the soup, it's good old whisk for a hangover!

And even if all this was not enough, take a repete it again! That would be to have a monkey nesetřásli!

If by chance anyone know the recipe for garlic soup ...
10 cloves of garlic, 2-3 potatoes, 1 tablespoon lard, pepper, salt, cumin, marjoram
Boiling salted water, add the garlic and finely diced or crushed, diced potatoes, a spoonful of lard, spices and simmer about 20 minutes. Garlic can also be added to the end of the boil, then has a greater Grads! The plate can sprinkle grated cheese.

The author Herbs and win over a hangover: Michaela Vorlová