Herbs and Stress

The concept of stress has certainly met all of us. Stress is in its original form physiological reactions that our body is basically responds to threats.

Herbs and Stress

It occurs when the release of stress hormones into the blood. This occurs when our brains evaluate the situation as dangerous and sends signals to the pituitary gland. Arousing the adrenal glands and the hormones mentioned leached.

The body begins to prepare for the situation - attack or escape. Begins to limit the activity of organs such as stomach and kidney, and at that time, and does not require energy moves in important organs such as muscles. However, this reaction consumes considerable amount of energy and man is after her subsided considerably exhausted and needs to relax, to recover his strength. If this situation occurs more often has a negative effect on health. This is due to the fact that the stress occurs substantially more frequently than is necessary, and especially from inadequate reasons.

There are many ways to cope with this. These include relaxation , healthy diet , sport or meditation. An important role is also played by supplements that help us to relax in the moments when it's not needed. A large part of the active ingredients in them represent extracts from medicinal plants. Many of these medicinal plants have many positive effects of stress, to be added. It is not advisable to induce calm and balanced state of mind, but is also suitable and good quality sleep .

The first is St. John's Wort. St. John's has a calming and sedative effects. Tea it is recommended for insomnia, sleep problems, anxiety, excessive stress, gastric neurosis and even lighter in the treatment of depression . Scientists have discovered that the substance contains hypericin, which works on a similar principle as some chemical drugs, prescribed to treat depression. St. John's Wort helps improve mood without attenuation of the nervous system. To achieve the effect of St. John's wort should be used regularly for an extended period, the effects are usually manifested after 2-3 weeks of use.

The effect of the substances contained in the plant weakens the effects of some medications. This applies especially to patients after organ transplantation or HIV positive. Drugs and medicines St. John's should avoid women who use hormonal contraceptives because they will reduce its contraceptive effects. May not be combined with drugs that are prescribed for depression or other conditions affecting the mechanism of action of the psyche. When St. John's drinking should be avoided sunlight, especially when sunbathing. In case of doubt, you can contact our medical clinic.

Further, it is frequently used herb valerian. Valerian also soothing effect especially during cardiac neurosis (anxiety, palpitations), and also in nervous exhaustion, insomnia (caused by reprocessing) or gastric neurosis. For internal use of the drug is necessary to take into account the fact that even small doses have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Contains the valepotriáty and terpenic substances that render these effects.

Very often includes a medical balm. Balm acts as a sedative, so is also used in states of anxiety, insomnia and mental disorders. It induces peace, good sleep and good digestion. Cause large's popularity is its absolute harmlessness, so it can be used in the long term and the oil supply from the teas prepared a pleasant taste.

We can also meet with extract of hops rotation. Active ingredients are hops flavonoids sedating and relaxing effect. Many studies have confirmed the beneficial effects especially in combination with a goat.

Often in soothing mixture also gives an extract of passion flower , Passiflora, which is suitable in conditions of psychological stress and overwork and has a calming effect. The extract from the plant beneficial effect in the treatment of insomnia. Promotes sleep without the unpleasant side effects of conventional drugs. Reduces time falling asleep and improves sleep quality. Its effect can replace even low doses of medication to calm down, which can be addictive. It also acts against fear and anxiety states.

This listing is not yet to be ending - in mixtures to calm down or even better sleep can occur bloom lavender or peppermint and others. World herbs gives us a range of options to help our body cope with stress conditions induce a peaceful mind and a good night's sleep, you just need to remember them.

The total supply of plant stress .

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