Herbs against periodontal disease and for healthy gums

Periodontitis really bothers a large percentage of our population. The key is in the case of regular care, prevention and other inflammations of dental necks, because it is an irreversible process. Do you know which herbs can effectively help you?

When periodontal disease is very important to properly clean the teeth, including the choice of a suitable, soft brush and paste. Other helpers can be our special antiseptic, healing and astringent mouthwash that you can prepare yourself jenoduše from commonly available herbs.
We offers several such plants whose effects are verified and used by generations.

Sage found in dentifrices as one of the most commonly used. It has antiseptic and astringent effect on our gums and the entire oral cavity (good also for infections and sore throat). The active mouthwash you can prepare either a sage itself, or combine it with other herbs.
Peppermint is another good herb for the prevention of periodontitis, and its extracts can be found in many tooth pastes and dentifrices. It is possible to prepare a decoction or infusion to flush the mouth, or to enhance effects combine with sage.
Chamomile has astringent and soothing effects, therefore, is particularly useful in the case of acutely irritated gums. The infusion or decoction of it can be applied to the mouth rinse several times a day, until we calm down the lining of the mouth.
Nátržník cinquefoil also has a healing effect, it is also suitable in the event that we suffer bleeding gums. Decoction of cinquefoil best use immediately after cleaning teeth.
Agrimony is also known for its ability to accelerate healing and calming irritated mucous membranes. Its effects are subtle and do not be afraid to use it for a long time.
Horsetail has significantly Hoemostatic effects, previously commonly applied to stop bleeding wounds and bigger anywhere on the body. It is perfect combined with any of the above herbs eg sage, mint or cinquefoil.

The above herbs can be mixed together, or for the manufacture of mouthwashes used alone, subject to availability, equipment, or individual action. For inspiration, we show two recipes for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis.

Natural mouthwash against periodontitis
need: 2 tablespoons dried sage or 3 tablespoons cut fresh sage, a heaping tablespoon of chamomile flower (add 1 tablespoon of hyssop, if we have available)
procedure: herbs pour 0.5 liters of cold water, bring slowly to the boil and turn off, cover with a lid and leave to cool Luhová, strain and use to rinse the mouth after brushing teeth

Herbal decoction for gingivitis
need: after heaping tablespoon of dried tops, horsetail, sage and mint
process: as in the previous recipe, brew it still lukewarm or cooled repeatedly, several times a day now hold in your mouth

Treat and prevent problems of the oral mucosa and gums much we support a regular supply of sufficient vitamin C, beta-carotene and zinc, important antioxidants, immune stimulants and healing processes in the body. In particular, beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A is known to significantly effect the regeneration of the mucosa.

used literature: Herbs recipe from ancient times to the present

The author Herbs against periodontal disease and for healthy gums: Michaela Vorlová