Herbal bath salts to warm and refreshing

Sea salt is a popular ingredient in bath since time immemorial. Combining it with aromatic herbs we can conjure up a fragrant mixture that warm our body, mind and stimulate tired pleasantly relaxes us ..

Baths are one of the most enjoyable ways to use herbs beneficial effect on our bodies. Exposure in this case is a double - essential oils and essential oils, relaxing in the warm water, our body works supplied by blood through the skin, but also through the mucous membranes and inhalation of vapors of herbal bath.

Herbal bath salts you can either buy at the store, and pay attention to its quality. Again, the less synthetic ingredients, the better, optimally choose products on purely natural basis. The same quality and effective ingredient in aromatic baths however, we can easily produce yourself ..

What do we need?
The basis is a good, clean sea salt, commonly sold in drugstores. Beyond the glass we need, well hermetically resealable container. Suitable as decorative jars with screw cap, but it is practical and glass lid or cork.
Herbs select depending on what our nose pleasing flavor, and depending on their effectiveness.
Lavender has a calming and harmonizing effect, thyme, thyme and rosemary us encourage and improve blood circulation throughout the body, mint , sage and lemon balm tones and brighten our senses, dried rose petals, marigold flower and chamomile strokes our mind and skin.
Aroma and the effect of home-made bath salts can be strengthened by adding essential oil.
Maximum we make sure that we have selected 100% pure natural oil, also designated direct application to the skin, fragrance olejíčky to aromatic lamps, designed for air freshening, in any case, do not use.

How to proceed in the production of herbal bath salts?
The actual preparation of herbal bath salts is very simple and inexpensive. We start by placing the needed container to pour about 1 cm high layer of sea salt, then add approximately 0.5 cm high layer of dried herbs. Repeat this procedure until filling container so that the last layer was again salt. On that we can place the drop 3-5 drops of essential oil. Suitable as bergamot oil, pink, lavender, dobromyslový, rosemary, etc. Then close the container thoroughly and leave for several weeks to ripen to most fragrances released.

For inspiration, we show two recipes for herbal bath salt. Your imagination has no limits, however, do not be afraid to experiment with your favorite herbs and create an original combination according to your own taste.

Balancing Herbal Bath Salt
This mix the salt bath of sea salt, dried lavender flowers and rose petals, we can add a few marigold flowers. Aroma pleasantly enrich by adding a few drops of lavender or bergamot oil.

Herbal bath salt for colds
Sea salt in this case combine with aromatic herbs with antibiotic and an encouraging effect. We choose as thyme, sage, mint and oregano or marjoram. Further strengthen the effect of salt essential oil, rosemary or dobromyslovým.

Bath salt as a gift or decoration to your home
Jars and bottles with herbal bath salts can be as original, hand-made gift for a loved one, and tasteful decor of your bathroom. Decorativeness deliver them as ovázáním throat natural bast, ribbon, or ordinary dry grass, for which the naaranžujeme dry flower rose, lavender and other flowers and leaves. Another option is to wrap cloth caps, very nice work as natural jute, fabrics that will strengthen again tie and decorate as desired.

used literature: Herbs and spices / Vašut

The author Herbal bath salts to warm and refreshing: Michaela Vorlová