Herb lullaby for insomnia

Staring into the darkness, no and no eye zamhouřit? The body here and there mrskne and shakes his head and goes to the tireless stream intruding thoughts? What a way to get a good night lady hands caress of nature .. She knows which way the path leads to dreamland ..

Insomnia, it's an unwelcome visitor many bedrooms. Fact that here again at night, we will know in the morning on our body and mind. As aptly described in the article Morning screaming birds and mongol in the mirror , one would say that we can change beyond recognition. Kakabus, staring at us in the mirror, is not really a pleasant image at the beginning of a new day. One thing is certain. Soundly asleep weary body better than the one that just sat around all day, he was up for coffee. Purge the head off more easily than the ideas overflowing and full tilt spirited. These and many other factors and how we read them in the aforementioned article. Now I offer you a fragrant green lullaby.

Remembered how my grandmother told me that in her mladejch years when children could not sleep, I just cooked them a decoction of poppies. And slept like a baby. O do not doubt, opiate contained in green finial, it is certainly fairly functional soporific. But I definitely recommend it, although you probably heavily nap, but for those brain cells forever rubbed it certainly worth it. But fortunately we have other plants that are shorter counting sheep.

Melissa certainly deserves the first place in the whole of their list. My first tea of ​​lemon balm, which I curiously uškubla with friends in the garden, finished in half an hour my vytuhnutím on their bench. They warned me, but I did not believe and just wanted a taste. Lemon balm has an overall calming effect on our bodies, gives as an additive to teas for total relaxation of body and soul, calms the nervous system and lowers blood pressure. It also acts as digestive disorders, stimulates the production of bile and helps with gastric neuroses. To top it all is a very pleasant taste and smell of lemon. Simple and effective, prepare the tea from one heaping teaspoon of dried drugs for 1 cup of tea, pour hot water, cover and let stand for 15 minutes. Drink should not hot, but pleasantly warm, about half an hour to an hour before jumping into bed.

St. John's wort is certainly also one of the most important in our growing herbs. Ever since time immemorial, is used to release nervous tension, against melancholy, insomnia, and depression, as well as lemon balm, to digestive disorders associated with the stomach and gall bladder.

Another stilling the lavender flower. It has an overall sedative and antidepressant effects, which is used not only for insomnia but also in the overall irritation or perhaps hysteria. How else, aids digestion and relieves stomach cramps.

Some may have noticed that it is sometimes sleeping for a glass of beer. Already after about 5 beers not, because alcohol we get the blood, but after one night sleep with a glass of beer many people make. Hop cones, which are indispensable ingredients in the manufacture of traditional beers, from ancient times are known for their sedative effect. Substances contained in them calm nerves, slow pulse and drive the feeling of tension. If we add to our tea to sleep, do just as well. But herbs do not just drink their benevolent effect on our body can be achieved in some other way.

Before traveling to bed you can also enjoy a relaxing bath. A handful of lemon balm and lavender Infuse hot water and let stand for 15 minutes. Aromatic extract then add the prepared bath, which would not be a bedtime hot, but pleasantly warm, because the hot water would give us the heart pumping, and not need it now. Lazy in the sloshing scented bathroom is the perfect balm to soothe and relax your body and mind. When you turn out the light, light up some candles and we get nice music, the atmosphere will certainly be perfect.

If you do not have time or mood for the evening bath, we can use the classic aromatherapy in the form of aromatic essential oils. Just drip 2-3 drops olejíčku the surface warm water and essential oils aromatic lamps leave the room released into the air from 10 to 15 minutes. Too strong smell could have a disruptive effect therefore is not suitable recommended dosage or application time exceeded. Let everyone chooses what pleases his nose, the offer is no longer in our stores wide, so do not hesitate to all a good sniff. Relaxing, relaxing and soothing essential oils are extracts such as lavender, lemon balm, magnolia, watermelon, oranges, grapefruit, sandalwood, vanilla and marjoram. Olejíčku quality is also important, so it is better to shop in specialty stores, herbalism and pharmacies than at a supermarket or similar, where it rather smacks of oil air freshener. And if he hands over some salesman Šikula, be sure to seek advice.

So whether you sweetly asleep! ... as fragrant blooming meadow ..

The author Herb lullaby for insomnia: Michaela Vorlová