Herb butter - a lure for palates

Such .. steak, or fish on the grill when they put a slice of fresh herb butter .. vegetable salad with crispy baguette and fragrant anointing .. who would not give say ..

In past episodes of "Herbs in Action", we have reported some of the uses of herbs in the kitchen. Herb butter and spreads are more of them. It offers us many applications and moreover their production is quick and easy.

What is the best butter?
It is certainly the conventional tea butter produced from milk or cream, a butter, high fat content. It is also possible to use margarine, but the resulting flavor in comparison with conventional butter comparable.
For a lighter alternative with lower fat butter spread can be used with no flavor. This option is great as a spread on bread.

What herbs, spices and ingredients we use?
Homemade herb butter has the advantage that it can mix according to your taste and needs. We offers plenty of herbs and spices such as suitable additives, for example, at least a few famous: parsley, basil, oregano, marjoram, celery, šnitlík (if anyone did not know, so it's Czech chives :-) - pozn.kor.), Thyme , lovage, sage , savory, dill, lavender, lemon balm, mint , pepper, and hot red pepper, chilli, cumin .. etc.
Do pomazánkového butter can also add other ingredients such as mushrooms and other cooked mushrooms, ham, cream or grated cheese, grated horseradish, garlic, onion, boiled egg, lemon juice and many more.

The basic procedure for the production of herb butter
In order to thoroughly mix the butter with all the other ingredients, you first need a few hours before the finish removed from the refrigerator and leave at room temperature until soft. Herbs can be used fresh, frozen and dried, or combine them. Fresh herbs with water and chop or slice finely. Dried herbs we use finely rozemnuté. Garlic wipe or see the picture, other "nebylinkové" ingredients cut into small pieces. All selected ingredients add to the bowl with změklým butter and mix thoroughly for several minutes (for mixing can be used as a suitable mixer or blender).
Finished in the best shape the butter roll, wrap in aluminum foil and let harden in the refrigerator. The finished dishes, such as grilled meat, then just cut the slice when serving. For use as butter let it harden in the bowl.
Before use, let our herb butter ripen at least 1 hour, 1 day even better. In conventional refrigeration has almost the same durability as butter flavored. It can also freeze for later use in the freezer will last several months with almost no loss of quality. Right now, when we have a lot of fresh herbs, then we can make stock at a later period.

S herb butter spread - lighter alternative with lower fat
The production procedure is the same as in a traditional butter. As a basis we can use butter spread, the meadow, cottage cheese, cream cheese to soften to add a few tablespoons of plain yogurt or cream. In the refrigerator will last us a few days, but it is not suitable to freeze due to higher water content.

Several recipes for inspiration:

Herb butter for grilled fish
1 cube butter 2 heaping teaspoons chopped fresh parsley, some chopped sage leaves, a pinch of thyme, a little salt and ground white or green pepper, 1 teaspoon lemon juice
- Delicious with grilled or baked fish, steak, salmon and other seafood

Herb butter for steaks and other grilled meats
1 cube butter 2 teaspoons chopped fresh basil, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley, 1/2 teaspoon coarsely crushed pepper, a little salt, 1 clove of garlic, a pinch of chili or hot pepper (you can also add a little marjoram, oregano or thyme)
- Great especially for steaks and almost all kinds of grilled meat (but less so for the fish), with smaller amounts of pepper but also pasta and boiled potatoes

Herb Butter with Garlic
1 cup butter pomazánkového flavorless, 2 large cloves garlic, chopped 2 teaspoons basil 2 teaspoons chopped šnitlíku, a little oregano or marjoram
- Excellent for baguettes, toast, snacks of all kinds, but try it as a filling for ham rolls, filling tomatoes, sliced ​​fresh cucumbers or other vegetables

It does not sound bad .. that .. O)

The author Herb butter - a lure for palates: Michaela Vorlová