Heather cures gout, rheumatism and detoxifies

Heather herb is suitable not only for spring detox cure, but rather to treat serious health problems, such as inflammation of the kidneys, bladder, gout and rheumatism.

Evergreen heather bushes adorn gardens and rockeries throughout the year, but most of the late summer when they bloom in a variety of colors from white to pink, to shades of purple. Who was lucky to walk after extensive heather in flower knows how graceful and ethereal works such blooming heather "carpet".
Heather likes poorer, sandy soils and rašelinovité, it mostly occurs in sunny locations near the forest, in areas with sparse forest, on rocks and meadows in the foothills. Its growing in the garden and rockery is unpretentious and prospers well as pot plant.
The truth is that it is mostly grown purely for decoration, its medicinal effects are generally not very well known, such as medicinal herbs, but definitely worth our attention.

Heather cleans our body and deprives us of swelling
For its diuretic effects and slightly perspiratory heather is one of the herbs that our body in detoxifying. Helps dissolve and float away established toxins from our bodies, is one of the herbs that we can use for our spring cleaning treatment. Its diuretic effect will also be appreciated by those of us who suffer from water retention in the body and swollen limbs. These features make the heather very valuable herb, whose great advantage is that it has perhaps no known adverse effects, therefore it is suitable for long-term use.

Heather helps treat gout and rheumatism
Substances contained in this herb have one more amazing capacity, namely that our body shedding dangerous uric acid, which at high levels in the blood accumulate in our tissues and organs. If you suffer from elevated levels of uric acid in the blood, we must not only drastically change eating habits, it is also necessary to help our bodies with blasts of extremely hazardous substances. Heather is definitely one of the herbs that we help in this case, moreover, is much friendlier than some synthetic drugs with the same functionality. It not only reduces the level of uric acid in the blood, but also deprives us of their already established crystals in the tissues, most commonly in the joints.

Heather is also a cure for inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract
Heather is also a proven herb for treatment of urinary tract, kidney and prostate. For its antiseptic and cleansing effects is recommended both during infectious inflammation of these organs and in their reduced activity and prevention and after-care problems. Even helps in dissolving and flushing out the urinary and kidney stones.

How to collect and dry heather?
Dried herbs, this drug can normally buy at the pharmacy, either alone or as part of tea blends. If you want heather nasušit ourselves, we go to him in the second half of the summer, at the peak of its flowering. (In some areas, and heather blooms in late spring.) We only collect either mixed with flower petals, leaves or whole heather. The flowers are harvested simply sdrhnutím of twigs in the direction of growth. When trimming foliage just choose nedřevnaté younger shoots. The flowers spread out in a thin layer, or leaves hanging in small bunches, dry very well and quickly.

Heather beautify your home all year
Because the heather flowers after drying retain their smooth, mostly pink-violet color, the plantation is valued for its decorativeness. Dried flowers and small twigs can be added such as a pot pourri or use it for a variety of arrangements of dried flowers. Heather bundles are pretty rustic adornment as simply hanging, so in a vase, ceramic and wicker containers, like dried lavender and heather beautify our home for at least a year.

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The author Heather cures gout, rheumatism and detoxifies: Michaela Vorlová