Hazelnuts - healthy energy for body and brain

Nutritious hazelnuts for which are popular among athletes is really considerable. Give us a lot of healthy energy, strengthens our nerves, protects us against stress, improve our memory, physical fitness, immunity and brain activity.

Red Fox with us to find not only gardens, often encounter it in the wild, on the edges of forests, the limits, the ponds and along roads. In our latitudes occurs mostly as a hazel bush rozkošatělý, some cultivated forms can then have the shape of a tree. As the tree also grows in its likely original homeland in Turkey, where he grows up to an impressive 25 meters.
Hazel fruits ripen from August to late September. If you can, make sure to do them as much supply, not only to enhance your culinary art, but also for regular and healthy snack ..

Nuts contain many beneficial substances reservoir

The high fat content (about 50-60%) and a significant amount of protein (about 15%) is worth their considerable nutrition level. They are so excellent source of energy, citing the many other valuable substances. We find in them especially vitamin B, carotene, fat-soluble vitamin E, which is represented even vitamin C. Worth noting and a long list of essential trace elements found in nuts potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, boron, manganese, zinc, chromium, selenium and others. Not for nothing are the nuts very favorite food sportsmen and lovers of healthy food, only a handful of nuts we often give more beneficial substances than normal portions of food, in addition to a very healthy and natural form.

Nuts for agile brain and nerves

Popular mixture of several kinds of nuts and raisins, with us known as "student" is very healthy goodies. It gives energy and endurance our body, brain and nerves, which on a daily basis, students need, children, but not only them. A combination of the above mentioned substances is an elixir for our nervous system, nuts are often recommended as increased resistance to stress and the prevention and treatment of neuroses support. Stimulus effect on the brain and improve memory are their other positives. Hazelnuts would regularly in the diet should include not only children and students, will benefit each of us talking about them, even in the context of slow mental decline in older people.

Nuts, allergies and digestion
Unfortunately there are among us some who are allergic to peanuts. They must strictly avoid all foods with their contents, sometimes even so, they are contained only in trace amounts.
Another less dangerous abuses of these seeds in slightly lower digestibility, especially in people with compromised function of the stomach or gallbladder. In order for us nuts was not difficult, it is better to either grind or grate, respectively. Properly chewed. Less charged will be our digestive tract also so that you nuts spread into several smaller portions, eaten during the day.

How do you like most?
Nuts that are popular and indispensable ingredients confectioners and bakers cukrovinkářů probably not be too elaborate .. sweets, chocolates, cakes, pastries, cakes, ice cream and desserts with nuts in our country are very popular among all age groups. Nuts also contributes to the muesli and cereal bars, which significantly increases their nutritional value. Excellent taste such as white yogurt with honey or chocolate, etc. can also be combined with cream cheese or sour cream. The hazelnut is pressed very high quality and fine oil, popular in many gourmets editing meals instead of regular vegetable oil. They are also used for the production of alcoholic beverages, namely liqueurs, which give unmistakable aroma.
Hazelnut oil is also used in aromatherapy, it is used mainly for massages, also has soothing and regenerative effects on our skin.

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The author Hazelnuts - healthy energy for body and brain: Michaela Vorlová